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    Attention grabbing, emotionally satisfying ...

    All Lady Alice wants is to be happy. So why has her quest become dogged by a trail of tears? A three time loser at love and with her reputation in tatters, this bad luck bride has accepted a life of loneliness. Until a long lost acquaintance has her questioning that possibility. The Bad Luck Bride is a tale of promises broken and new hopes arising. The saying "wrapped in feelings" fits perfectly for Alice and Henderson. Ms. Goodger grabs onto the heart and never seeks to let go. Attention grabbing, emotionally satisfying and hauntingly beautiful.
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    Luckiest Bride

    Amusing and touching tale. It seems her true love finally wakes up, to seal the deal, after four near misses at the alter. Very nice
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    1 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

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    Unlucky indeed!

    Third time was not a charm for Alice Hubbard. The first time Alice was to be married, her fiancé – a much older man – dropped dead five minutes before the ceremony. The second time, her betrothed was after her money, and the third time, the scoundrel just didn’t bother to show up, fortunately that was in London, so almost no one from St. Ives attended. It’s a good thing that Alice loved none of betrotheds, however there’s just so much humiliation a girl can take. But every cloud has a silver lining, and after her latest discomfiture, Alice’s friend Henderson Southwell reappears after a four-year absence. She hadn’t seen Henderson since her brother Joseph’s death; Alice has forever been infatuated with Henderson, and he with her, unfortunately the last thing Joseph told Henderson – a first-class rake – was to promise that Henderson would never touch Alice. Never, ever, ever. Pity, that! I love Jane Goodger’s writing and I’m always thrilled when she has a new book out because it’s a guaranteed elegant voyage through time.The author’s legendary wit is in full force in THE BAD LUCK BRIDE: how else can you explain laughing at a charming character’s woes; poor Alice! If Ms. Goodger were a visual artist, she would paint with watercolours: everything blends so well, there are never harsh lines, and even when the topic borders on broad comedy, as is the case here, Ms. Goodger always has a light touch, however maybe there was a tad too much metaphorical water in the paint, because the romance dragged on, mostly because a few words on Henderson’s and Alice’s parts would have sufficed to clear the air. The romance is delightful in spite of the leisurely – almost lethargic pace – but the author’s gorgeous descriptions of the seaside village made up for it. I loved the inclusion of Henderson’s mission in life: doing something about the famine in India, where he had spent the previous four years, I thought it rather enlightening, and it led to the introduction of my favourite character in the book: Lord Berkley. Henderson is a wonderful character who has struggled almost all his life with the fact that he is illegitimate, and it was painful to witness the chasm one could endure because of class differences, and those cause serious problems with his relationship with Alice. I liked Alice at the beginning, but I felt she was a little wishy-washy and it took her a very long time to develop a backbone. At times, I had the feeling that at least a third of the book consisted of setting up the rest of the series, although I did love the Hubbards’ family dynamic, as well as Alice’s interactions with her friends Rebecca, Eliza, and especially the impish Harriet. I loved all the background on Henderson, and there was a terrific mystery, which might have taken more pages than the perpetual hesitations between Alice and Henderson revealing their true feelings to each other. In any case, I am elated that Jane Goodger’s next book will feature the intriguing and wonderfully charismatic Lord Berkley! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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