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    I Loved It

    Elspeth and her sisters are the illegitimate daughters of dead, King Henry, and have been kept in a monastery for years. Now their mother who is once again the mistress of the King, has found a use for them. If she can punish them at the same time, that is a bonus. Mother and daughters are all "Daughters of Avalon" and have special powers. The mother is extremely dangerous and evil. The girls are innocent and are not used to using their growing powers. The time has come for a showdown. The throne and many lives are at stake. Malcom MacKinnon is on special assignment for King Steven. Many years before Malcom went against the wishes and politics of his family, mainly so that he could claim his childhood home as his own. A young woman running from someone is about to turn his life upside down. Danger, he is used to facing but there is something strange is happening that will cause him to question everything he has ever believed. A magical story with fabulous characters, and lots of excitement. This is the first in the series and although you can read it on it's own , it will make you want to read the next. I think you will have to read them in order. A nice thick book that gives you plenty of time to get stuck in.
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    Beautiful and amazing

    Okay, I can't say that I didn't put the book down because I did. For several days. Honestly? A couple of pages in, my heart was broken. I was so upset about the things that I read there about sweet little Malcolm (at least, once upon a time in another book he was sweet and little), that it took me some days to get over it and read on. And then I barely put it down anymore because it was so good! What I really love about the books by this author, is her manner of weaving a story by combining historical facts with a brilliant and captivating story, lots of romance and a healthy dose of myth. I loved the vivid picture of a country torn by war and conflicting loyalties, of people having to face their own kin on the battlefield and I also loved the amazing and unique characters and their story. Elspeth and her sisters soon found a place in my heart and I felt with them but also feared for them and wondered about their mother's ruthlessness and her power. Especially her power. Her mother was set apart, not only by her actions and her thoughts but also because she was the only one whose part is told in the first person. Immediately, every time you stumble upon her parts, you are on guard and fear what new atrocities will be revealed. Along with our hero and our heroine, you learn to hate and to fear Morwen - and this was just the beginning. I loved how Malcolm and Elspeth fell for each other. Despite the sudden and definitely quick manner of their...well...kind-of-not-really-courtship, you can feel that those two belong together and that they care a lot for each other. Elspeth is so sweet and Malcolm's devotion to her and his calm acceptance of her uniqueness and her power are simply amazing. Such a beautiful and amazing book, I can't wait to read the next book in this series!

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