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    Actions speak louder than words. 5 GOLD KNOTS

    Yes. And his are screaming to be noticed. Sometimes it takes just the right woman to heal all their hurts. WOW!! What a TRULY TOP-KNOT, FAN-BIKER-TASTIC story that grabbed me right from the cover, not letting go for even a second, straight through until.. well, actually it has yet to release me! *ahem* I have actually read it through 2+ times! I LOVE IT THAT MUCH!!! This book as a whole, Shannon and especially Wring, have definitely, completely, ABSO-FRACKING-LUTELY gathered my heart in his hands to Wring even MORE love out of it, a love for these crude and brash, tender and hard Roadkill MC dudes that runs deeper than even I realized!! Seriously! I felt like I was Shannon, even like I was Wring, living this small part of their lives with them, as them! But to be there to witness, experience, that first meeting of them was very special, the top of the knot! I love, Love, LOVE the creative lines, thoughts, etc. The sarcasm cracks me right up!! Marata must have had a blast writing Wring! Well, excepting the horrible parts, of course, but even those have purpose and make the good, sweet & hot parts even more so!! Who knew this series could get richer & deeper with each new book that Marata releases?!? I thought that Noose/Knot/Rose was pretty BIKERTASTIC, but then Snare came along and he SNARED my heart, but now with Wring? WOOOWEEE!!! And WHEW! I thought this one was going to Wring me right out, I was THAT in to it!! And if you know ANYTHING about me, it’s that I am a paranormal gal who never reads books like these... or at least I DIDN'T until Marata's Roadkill MC came along and – and DON’T unless is has “by Marata Eros” on it!, that is! wink With her phenomenal talent and exceptional gift, Marata has once again taken "writing a book" to a whole new top floor glassed-in garden level!! “Why do chicks cry when they're not sad?” The answer to that Wring, is because guys like you make girls like me fall so hard, so fast and so intensely, the emotions just leak & pour out of us!! Sam Walker, Let’s knot up. wink psst! Want to make story come alive even more than it already is? Watch Marata/Tamara's YouTube vlogs because she reads a page or 3 of a book that she's currently working on or is releasing around that time! I watched & listened to 2 or 3 different parts of Wring and when I started reading it, I could picture Marata i.e. Wring doing all of the motions! ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY AWESOME!!!!

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