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  • Lace 'em Up

    An Eagles Hockey Romance

    de Elise Faber ...
    Serie Libro 1 - Bang Brothers Hockey
    With a last name like Bang, the jokes were endless.I’d decided long ago it was easier to pretend to embrace my namesake than try to prove myself to the world.No one had ever seen through that…Until I rescued a runaway bride from the side of the road.Then my mom—my interfering, matchmaking mom—saw the diamond ring, made assumptions I didn’t have the heart to dispel, and, suddenly, Rory and I were ... Leer más

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  • Wesley

    A Hathaway House Heartwarming Romance

    de Dale Mayer ...
    Serie Libro 23 - Hathaway House
    Welcome to Hathaway House. Rehab Center. Safe Haven. Second chance at life and love.Dealing with the loss of his right leg was one thing, but dealing with his missing left arm was more than Wesley can handle. He can hide the prosthetic leg. However, the arm is damn-near impossible to make look normal. And being normal mattered—or so he thought.Alba is a therapist at Hathaway House, helping the ... Leer más

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  • Marked

    Big Bad Boss

    Serie Libro 3 - Werewolves of Wall Street
    RULE #3 OF WALL STREET: NEVER BACK DOWNNo one can know I've claimed the human as my mate.The enemies are at the gates–one wrong move and I’ll lose it all. My world will never be safe for her.If my pack finds out that I’ve mated a human, they’ll revolt. The fractures will grow deeper than ever and we'll be picked apart one by one.The lives of everyone I love hang in the balance.Madison may bear my ... Leer más

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    de Aleatha Romig ...
    Serie Libro 2 - Brutal Vows
    Arranged marriage, enemies to lovers, Mafia/cartel romanceAs the only daughter of the Kansas City capo, at eighteen years of age, I was given to the son of my father’s consigliere, a man who was expected to accomplish great things for the famiglia. Things didn’t go the way we planned.There wasn’t love.My husband was a traitor, a part of a coup against the famiglia.My husband is dead.I’m free.Until ... Leer más

    $4.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Run Pig Run

    de Ty Hutchinson ...
    Serie Libro 17 - Abby Kane FBI Thriller
    Imagine you’re an FBI agent, and everyone you talk to dies right after. Agent Abby Kane is renowned for her knack for solving heinous crimes. So, when the Coast Guard is faced with the chilling homicide of a port official, she’s called in to assist. Soon, the discovery of more bodies, each bearing equally gruesome deaths, reveals a disturbing pattern. It echoes the brutal executions by sicarios ... Leer más

    $6.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • One Fine Night

    A Special Ops Scots Prequel

    de Kait Nolan ...
    Serie Libro 0 - Special Ops Scots
    As a Royal Marine, I've taken on countless missions, but navigating life as a civilian might be the biggest challenge of all. I need to stay focused and figure out what the hell I'm doing with this early retirement.Then she crosses my path. A stranger on a train, she instantly captures my imagination. A beautiful, vibrant distraction I didn't know I needed. And maybe something more...When my ... Leer más

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  • Reunited in Love (The Maverick Billionaires, Book 9)

    Serie Libro 9 - The Maverick Billionaires
    She’s the love he foolishly let go…Ava Harrington, brilliant billionaire businesswoman, has conquered the world. And yet, scarred by a love lost fifteen years ago, she's built a wall around her heart, swearing off love forever.Ransom Yates’s culinary genius has taken him to the pinnacle of success as a magnetic celebrity chef. But that success came at a devastating price when he left behind the ... Leer más

    $6.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Daddy's Pride

    Serie Libro 1 - Dirty Daddies 2024 Anthology Series
    His good boy. Her naughty girl. Their happily ever after.Yes, Daddy. Two little words that can send shivers of need and fear up the spine of any girl… or boy.Because for these Daddies, love knows no limits…and love always wins. ... Leer más

    $5.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Every Beat of My Heart

    A Single Mom Charming Hero Small Town Romance

    de Lea Coll ...
    Serie Libro 2 - The Calloways
    Wanting her with every beat of my heart doesn’t necessarily mean we’re destined for happily ever after…I never really cared that everyone saw me as nothing more than the charming Calloway—the one who refused to grow up.Until I met her.Claire is sexy. Smart. Put together in a way I’ll probably never be.She’s also the single mom of one of my students, which means a relationship with her is strictly ... Leer más

    $6.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Witchy Bad Blood

    A Paranormal Cozy Mystery

    de C. A. Phipps ...
    Series series Midlife Potions
    Family can be deadly!No one, including Jess, had any idea she was an exceptional witch. Until she began solving crimes using her senses.The trouble is, she'd rather be waving a spatula than a wand and her snarky cat familiar isn't happy about it.She's listed her priorities:1 Bring her mom back from the ghostly realm.2 Open a bakery.3 Keep quiet about her secret sister. (A lovable thorn in her side ... Leer más

    $3.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Daffodil

    de Becca Jameson ...
    Serie Libro 5 - Roses & Thorns
    Being gifted a sex slave was not how we expected to find our perfect third, but she’d here now, and she’s definitely ours.SummerI’m still putting the pieces of my life back together after the death of my famous parents when I’m abducted and wake up in hell. I’m a sex slave. Taunted day in and day out, I eventually violate the most important rule—I climax without permission. My punishment is severe ... Leer más

    $4.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Butter You Up

    A Grumpy Sunshine Romantic Comedy

    de Liz Alden ...
    Serie Libro 2 - Farm 2 Forking
    Cows are better than people – a fact I've sworn by until the irresistibly upbeat Molly comes barreling into my life, running my farm stand and bringing the summer heat with her.She's also working for Fork Lick’s most debt-ridden business: my family's farm. I try to stay out of that manure pile. Except the crush I have on her makes me think about doing things like smiling all day and patching up my ... Leer más

    $4.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • The Question of the Wedding Pearls

    Gravesyde Priory Mysteries Book Four

    de Patricia Rice ...
    Serie Libro 4 - Gravesyde Priory Mysteries
    Will death ruin the perfect wedding?Bestselling author Patricia Rice brings you another haunting country house mystery in Regency England. . .Spinster and secret novelist Clarissa Knightley and her gruff American engineer, Captain Huntley, along with their friend and cousin, the Honorable Jack de Sackville and Lady Elspeth, are to wed at last! In anticipation of the double wedding, friends and ... Leer más

    $7.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Sabotage

    A Crime Novel

    de Dianne Scott ...
    Serie Libro 4 - A Christine Lane Mystery
    Poisoned wildlife. A home burned to the ground. A community in turmoil. Can a police officer find the perpetrator before island life turns deadly?When Policewoman Christine Lane returns to Toronto Island patrol, she is shocked when a brace of ducks is found dead in a lagoon. Was it an adolescent prank gone wrong? Was the water tainted? Could it be a ploy to scare residents into leaving to clear ... Leer más

    $4.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Caution Must be This Tall to Ride

    de Sandra Alex ...
    Serie Libro 10 - Ford Brothers
    A secret love. A secret purchase. A not-so-secret legal battle. And a strange man from a strange land that thinks he can help…but instead, makes it much, much worse.This killer traffic I think is the worst of it, until my car starts chugging in the middle of the freeway, in the center of the Ford brothers’ latest skyscraper project. But when Beckett Ford shows his face at my demand, I start to ... Leer más

    $5.33 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • One Hot Moment

    de Anna Durand ...
    Serie Libro 11 - Hot Brits
    A British businessman and his American assistant find out opposites attract in this steamy workplace romcom.My name is Spencer Halfenaked. Go on, snicker all you like. We Halfenakeds don't care. I've gotten used to the asinine jokes from morons who have surnames like Sallow and Birdwhistle. Now that I've gotten a promotion at work, I'm moving to America. I have my own office and an executive ... Leer más

    $3.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • The Bigtime Series: Volume 2

    Series series Bigtime
    New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Estep serves up action-packed, paranormal romance adventures with her Bigtime superhero series. Journey to a city that’s full of quirky, zany superheroes finding love while they battle over-the-top, evil ubervillains bent on world domination. Perfect for fantasy readers and comic book fans of Marvel Comics and DC Comics, along with the Wonder Woman show ... Leer más

    $9.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • The Duke and the Disciple

    A Professor and Pupil Forbidden Fantasy Romance

    Serie Libro 6 - The Book of All Things
    She’s eager for every lesson he teaches.Escape into this tempting tale of a reserved scholar and the young, enthusiastic disciple ready to learn everything he has to offer.Aesylt watched her father and brother, along with half their village, massacred by the vengeful king when she was only eight. This violence thrust her into the role of leading their people through the aftermath, until her other ... Leer más

    $5.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • The Sunshine Potluck Society

    de Lilly Mirren ...
    Four women. One monthly potluck brunch. And the friendships that become family.Lifelong friends Joanna, Debbie and Gwen, grew up on Bribie Island together, in the quaint little hamlet of Sunshine. Now that they’re on the cusp of retirement, they hold a regular potluck brunch to catch up.Joanna is a retired chef who married a restauranteur in her twenties. Now she’s a sixty-year-old widow, she ... Leer más

    $4.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Untraced Magic

    A Witchy Paranormal Romance

    de Rachel Scotte ...
    Series series Cutters Cove Witches
    A girl whose soul longed for love. A broken mage with a haunted heart. A spell that could bring them together, or tear their love apart.When Morgan arrives in Cutters Cove, she’s looking for a fresh start and expects nothing more than a quiet, uneventful existence. She quickly realizes there is more to the sleepy town, and its dim shades of gray swallow her into its murky spell. She’s not looking ... Leer más

    $4.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • The Lady and the Thief

    de Kate Moore ...
    Serie Libro 1 - The Duke's Men
    In 1835 London, companion Vivian Bradish daringly pursues her dream of being a writer by researching and notating her ailing employer’s new book–A Guide to London for Fearless Women. Posing as a mark, Viv boldly enters a street known for pickpockets. When she’s attacked, she accidentally shoots the handsome gentleman who aids her. She brings the wounded stranger to her employer’s home for medical ... Leer más

    $4.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Love Under the Stars

    de Judith Keim ...
    Series series Lilac Lake Inn series
    Keeping a family promise can be the beginning of a whole new life for everyone in townWhitney Gilford is delighted to be called away from Hollywood where her co-star and former lover, Zane Blanchard, is addicted to drugs and blaming her for his unhappiness. News of her beloved grandmother, GG, giving her and her sisters a cottage on the land of The Lilac Lake Inn is a tremendous relief from the ... Leer más

    $5.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Pointe and Shoot

    A Jayne Murphy Mystery

    de Alison Stone ...
    Serie Libro 1 - A Jayne Murphy Mystery
    The dance world can be ruthless—even deadly.Jayne Murphy has always prioritized her family above all else. That's why she sacrificed her dream of joining the police force to manage her aging mother's dance studio.When one of the studio's most talented dance instructors dies in a car crash, Jayne suspects foul play. Determined to uncover the truth, she teams up with Officer Danny Nolan, her brother ... Leer más

    $5.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Lost in London

    de Tori Ross ...
    Serie Libro 6 - The Traveling Calvert Sisters
    The Calvert sisters are back with Lila finding love when she's lost in London! Can be read as a standalone!Lila Calvert is tired. After the airline inadvertently sends one bag to Mumbai and "forgets" to send her backpack to her final destination, Lila is without her phone or any way to access her travel itinerary. Armed only with a hotel voucher from the airline and some basic hygiene products, ... Leer más

    $2.99 USD o gratis con Kobo Plus