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  • Audiolibro

    Chopin's Concert in Rouen in 1838


    58 min

    This original hour-long audio documentary will take you in the footsteps of the 19th century’s most beloved and most played piano composer in the world : Frederic Chopin ! His compositions are reconfigured or remixed in many popular songs and are often heard in cinema as well as in the theater.The music of Frederic Chopin is part of our soundscape. Its humanity, its refinement and its modernity ... Leer más

    $5.99 USD o gratis con una prueba de audiolibro

  • Murder! Mystery! Mayhem!

    Among these pages you will find ten stories of crime and detection. From classic whodunnits to modern police procedures. From jilted lovers to dastardly evil-doers of the orient. Eleven talented authors have put their spin on murder, mystery, and mayhem. Why not see of you can solve who did it?With stories from Tim Mendees, David Bowmore, Charles Sartorius, Renee Lehnen, Rekah Valliappan, Margaret ... Leer más

    $3.99 USD

  • Invitational Education and Practice in Higher Education

    An International Perspective

    This edited collection examines the means to create, maintain, and enhance welcoming colleges and universities in the United States and abroad with personal accounts, case studies, models, programs, and other frameworks written by practitioners in higher education. The contributors explain how they have created inviting classrooms; established friendly educational experiences both within and ... Leer más

    $115.99 USD

  • A Taste of Midnight

    Vampire Erotica

    A collection of eleven erotic short stories which explore the mysterious world of the vampire. This anthology includes stories by Pagan O' Leary, Raven Kaldera, Bryn Haniver and many more. Fall into the darkness and sensuality that is the vampire's world, velvet nights and sweet blood, like nothing you've ever experienced before. ... Leer más

    $7.49 USD

  • INTRODUCING Red Door Reads

    First Chapters

    This Red Door Reads First Chapter Sampler contains:CONTEMPORARYDevil to Pay ~ Renee BernardValentine Wishes ~ Jane CharlesSimply Irresistible ~ Deborah CookeKick Start ~ Caren CraneLearing to Live ~ Jerrica Knight-CataniaA Soldier's Promise ~ Laura ... ... Leer más


  • Sacrifice Of A Virgin

    de Renee Charles ...
    Tethered to a post atop a mountain, sacrificial virgin awaiting The Dragon, Rena prays death will come swift and painless. Yet, death will not be her fate. The powerful and seductive shape-shifting creature has needs and desires beyond her imagination. For her freedom, she must fulfill his dark appetite while exploring her own wicked nature—one she's denied for years. The Dragon is a commanding ... Leer más

    $1.99 USD

  • Only Love Survives

    de Renee Charles ...
    Libro 0 - Love and Zombies
    Amidst an epidemic ravaging the world, all Megan Fletcher's hopes for the future lie in getting to Las Vegas where newscasts reported scientists were gathering to search for a cure for the modern plague. After rescuing her from a rooftop surrounded by Zombies, Sam Woods appoints himself her escort. While he knows she is determined to get to Vegas no matter the cost, he doesn't know her secret. And ... Leer más

    $3.99 USD

  • Blood Kiss

    The vampire has always been viewed as a sensual creature. They are hunters and seducers of their prey, the hunt as primal and animal as sex itself. They are outside of the strictures of “common” propriety, the chastity of marriage broken, the purity of the virgin defiled.In these seven seductive tales, sex and death and eternal life are intertwined as vampires of all descriptions–men and women and ... Leer más

    $5.99 USD

  • Shades of Pleasure

    These eight erotic tales from the ever-inventive Renée M. Charles look at sexuality through a futuristic lens. Each steamy story presents its own vision of the future, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and frequently politically charged: one story takes place in a world where heterosexuals are a minority and politicians give their constituents a hands-on demonstration of their commitment to pleasing ... Leer más

    $2.99 USD

  • Cinnamon Roses

    From the vivid erotic imagination of Renée M. Charles come six seductive vampire tales of sex, love, and bloodlust. Within these pages, a female tattoo artist commissioned to do some intimate inking on three beautiful women is initiated into their secret world, an ordinary college girl tries to find out her mysterious roommate's secret and undergoes a startling and sexy transformation, a half ... Leer más

    $2.99 USD

  • "Up, up and Away"

    The Complete Guide to Commercial Air Travel in America Today

    The 2001 terrorist attack on America literally tore the Airline Industry apart. In its aftermath airport security systems were dismantled and reassembled adding multiple layers of protection unlike ever before. This guide will not only serve as a reference tool, providing the most up to date security changes and resources for the leisure, business, and new traveler, but will delight the reader who ... Leer más

    $8.99 USD

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  • Lady Hathaway's Proposal

    Libro 1 - Hathaway Heirs
    She will do anything for a few nights in his arms…Twelve years have passed since Miranda Hathaway ended her courtship with Andrew Osborne and married the older, but much wealthier, Viscount Hathaway. It is only one week after her husband’s death and Miranda cannot ignore the temptation to have a taste of what she threw away all those years ago when she followed her parents’ wishes. But to entice ... Leer más