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Romanttinen jännitys

Jos pidät kategorian Romanttinen jännitys e-kirjoista, tulet pitämään näistä huippuvalinnoista.
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  • Conjugal Visits

    kirjoittanut Lani Lynn Vale

    sarja Souls Chapel Revenants MC #2
    Don’t ever, ever, ever go near that boy. Not unless you want to be a single mother at seventeen. That boy is Bad with a capital B.The words that my father spoke to me when it came to Trouper Aoki didn’t scare me like they probably should.In fact, they only made me intrigued all the more.When it came to Troup, there was just no resisting fate when it came to the two of us.Even at eighteen, when we ... Lue lisää

    $4.99 USD

  • Forgotten in Death

    An Eve Dallas Novel

    kirjoittanut J. D. Robb

    sarja In Death #53
    In the latest novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas sifts through the wreckage of the past to find a killer. ... Lue lisää

    $14.99 USD

  • Jonny's Redemption

    kirjoittanut Riley Edwards

    sarja Gemini Group #7
    Book 7 in Riley Edwards' USA Today bestselling seriesCan two lost souls find redemption or are some transgressions beyond forgiveness?Lieutenant Jonny Spencer’s life is spiraling out of control. With no end in sight, he withdraws. Giving in to the darkness is his only reprieve.Roberta “Bobby” Layne knows what it means to live in the shadows. Her childhood was spent fading into obscurity—the ... Lue lisää

    $3.99 USD

  • The One Who Got Away

    kirjoittanut Cynthia Eden

    sarja Wilde Ways #12
    He has to get her back.Antony Kyle can’t believe what’s happening to him. First, Ella Webb—the head of security at his gaming company—quits on him. Then…she kisses him as if she’s never wanted anyone more. They spend one incredible night together—a night that brands him to his core—and he wakes to find her gone. Gone.No, not happening. Antony is not about to lose her now. Not when he’s been ... Lue lisää

    $3.99 USD

  • Quiet in Her Bones

    kirjoittanut Nalini Singh

    In this gripping thriller set in New Zealand, New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh takes you into the twisted world of an exclusive cul-de-sac located on the edge of a sprawling forest.My mother vanished ten years ago.So did a quarter of a million dollars in cash.Thief. Bitch. Criminal.Now, she's back.Her bones clothed in scarlet silk.When socialite Nina Rai disappea... ... Lue lisää

    $13.99 USD

  • Faithless in Death

    An Eve Dallas Novel

    kirjoittanut J. D. Robb

    sarja In Death #52
    In the new Eve Dallas police thriller from #1 New York Times-bestselling author J. D. Robb, what looked like a lover’s quarrel turned fatal has larger—and more terrifying—motives behind it…The scene in the West Village studio appears to be classic crime-of-passion: two wineglasses by the bed, music playing, and a young sculptor named Ariel Byrd with the back of her head bashed in. But when Dallas ... Lue lisää

    $14.99 USD

  • Falling for Irish

    kirjoittanut Katie Reus

    sarja MacArthur Family Series #1
    Check out the MacArthur Family series if you’re in the mood for quick, light romantic suspense reads!She walked away once.When Kathryn Irish realized that she and Daniel were too different—and that he thought she was after him for his money—she ended things. When a job randomly puts her back on his radar, they hesitantly form a truce. But deep down she knows she can never be just friends with him. ... Lue lisää

    $2.99 USD

  • Chasing Memories

    kirjoittanut Ellie Wade

    What if you find him—the one who is put on this earth for you? He’s your perfect partner, your love, your soul mate. Your life with him is more than you could ever to hope for.I have. And it’s everything.But then, one day, I wake up to be told that that none of it is real.I can’t accept it. I’m stuck in a reality that isn’t mine, aching for the life that I lost. One that makes up the very fabric ... Lue lisää

    $0.99 USD

  • The Girls in the Snow

    A completely unputdownable crime thriller

    kirjoittanut Stacy Green

    sarja Nikki Hunt #1
    Madison walked through the fallen snow, looking left and right. It had been Kaylee’s idea to use the trail through the forest; she said no one would follow them. But Madison lost sight of Kaylee for a moment and when she found her again she wasn’t alone…In the remote forests of Stillwater, Minnesota, you can scream for days and no one will hear you. So when the bodies of two fifteen-year-old girls ... Lue lisää

    $2.99 USD

  • Love and Danger

    TEN Book Boxed-Set

    kirjoittanut Donna Grant ja 9 muuta

    TEN dangerous books from bestselling suspense authors fill this limited-time boxed set! If you love powerful heroes and strong heroines, this one's for you...10 BOOKS INCLUDE:The Defender by Donna GrantA Single Glance by Willow WintersRescuing Emily by Susan StokerJust Kidding by Lani Lynn ValeResurrection by Katie ReusDark Mafia Prince by Annika MartinBlack List by Lynn Raye HarrisDiamond in the ... Lue lisää


  • Blaze

    kirjoittanut Janie Crouch

    sarja Linear Tactical
    Kendrick and Neo's love story, plus the exciting start of the family Dorian and Ray never thought they would have. But there's a danger closing in—one that will do its best to rip them all apart.A new beginning.A series' end.The Linear Tactical family has deep roots.They're going to need them to survive the coming storm. ... Lue lisää

    $4.99 USD

  • No Limits

    kirjoittanut Lori Foster

    sarja An Ultimate Novel #1
    A surprise inheritance reunites a mixed martial arts fighter with the woman he’s never forgotten in this fan-favorite book from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster!Cannon Colter is quintessential hero material: chiseled jawline, shredded body—the works. He’s also the guy who rescued Yvette Sweeny from kidnappers, only to put an end to her romantic dreams. These days, she’s older, smarter ... Lue lisää

    $1.99 USD

  • Courage Under Fire

    A Riveting Novel of Romantic Suspense

    kirjoittanut Lindsay McKenna

    sarja Silver Creek #2
    A gripping new novel of the West featuring the cowboys of Silver Creek by acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Lindsay McKenna, perfect for fans of the exciting novels of B.J. Daniels, Diana Palmer, and Delores Fossen.Seeking an escape from her dark past, Carissa Taylor heads to Silver Creek to build a new life. For Cari, landing a job at a historic ranch just outside town is a dream come ... Lue lisää

    $7.69 USD

  • Magic Misled

    kirjoittanut Keri Arthur

    sarja The Lizzie Grace Series #7
    Her husband might be dead, but her problems are far from over.Lizzie Grace had hoped that Clayton’s death would bring some normality back into her life. But not only does her father remain intent on interfering now that he knows she can manipulate wild magic, but the High Witch Council has sent in an investigator to uncover her part in Clayton’s murder.But a bigger threat has arrived on the ... Lue lisää

    $4.99 USD

  • Cain's Cross

    kirjoittanut Dale Mayer

    sarja Bullard's Battle #2
    Cain's Cross book 2 of Bullard's BattleCain—hearing a killer’s last words, “You’re next,”—knows his time is running out, not only for him but for his entire team. As members of his team search for the still missing Bullard in the ocean, Cain has focused on tracking the killer’s history, hopefully to lead to the madman after them all. A trip to Sicily brings more information to light but also more ... Lue lisää

    $4.99 USD

  • Exception to the Rule

    kirjoittanut Becca Van

    sarja Beautifully Imperfect #7
    [Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Reverse Harem, MFMM, HEA] Selina Justice is shocked into speechlessness when she’s nearly arrested for using drugs. If Shanna hadn’t come to her rescue she may have been cuffed and taken to the police station. When her accuser, Woody Winthrop a Carson City paramedic realizes he’s just made a huge mistake, he can’t ... Lue lisää

    $5.89 USD

  • Greyriver Shifters

    Greyriver Shifters, #1

    kirjoittanut Kristina Weaver

    sarja Greyriver Shifters #1
    The shifters of Greyriver are hot as hell and nothing will stop them in their paths, so cozy up and be ready for some sexy fun!Enjoy 5 Standalone, full length books in this bundle.UNWANTED MATEI don't want to feel this pull towards Mika Bright and feel the lust that overtakes me when I smell her. She's the opposite of everything I want in a female and as the next Alpha to my pack I want my mate to ... Lue lisää


  • Undercurrent

    kirjoittanut Kaylea Cross

    sarja Kill Devil Hills Series #1
    CRIMSON POINT FANS WILL LOVE THE KILL DEVIL HILLS SERIES!She’s looking to reinvent herself.After the worst two years of her life, Aspen Savich has just moved across the country to the Outer Banks, looking to start over and leave her painful past behind. But it follows her anyway, bringing consequences she never could have imagined. Someone is watching her. Targeting her—and they don’t care who ... Lue lisää

    $4.99 USD

  • Rory

    kirjoittanut Maryann Jordan

    sarja Hope City #7
    Rory McBride is a rescuer… a paramedic for Hope City.And he wants to rescue the one woman that holds his interest.Sandy Carmichael hides her pain behind a smile and flirting,but never lets anyone get close.Especially not the handsome paramedic that has the power toReally break her heart. ... Lue lisää

    $4.99 USD

  • Submerged

    kirjoittanut Kaylea Cross

    sarja Kill Devil Hills Series #2
    Keep your friends close.Harper Sorenson’s husband died during a security contracting job in Syria more than a year ago. The official report said he was killed in an enemy ambush, but she doesn’t buy it. And until she knows the truth, she can’t move on. When someone tries to silence her, she knows she’s on the right track. Unfortunately, now she has no choice but to rely on the man she blames for ... Lue lisää

    $4.99 USD

  • Adrift

    kirjoittanut Kaylea Cross

    sarja Kill Devil Hills Series #3
    A rising star with everything to lose.As Hollywood’s newest darling, Becca Sandoza is vigilant about guarding the image and reputation she’s so carefully created. Her career has allowed her to escape her past, but her newfound fame turns out to be a sharp double-edged sword. The nightmare she’s been trying to escape for twenty years has resurfaced. The man responsible knows all her secrets, and ... Lue lisää

    $4.99 USD

  • The Unforgiven

    kirjoittanut Heather Graham

    sarja Krewe of Hunters #33
    A tragic past. An uncertain futureTwelve years after the grisly murder of her parents, Kaitlyn Delaney has finally found peace. She has friends, a good job, a place to call home and a new life to live. But then a shadow creeps in from Katie’s past, reminding her that she will never completely escape its terrifying grip.When private investigator Dan Oliver is called to the scene of a gruesome crime ... Lue lisää

    $9.99 USD

  • Hero's Haven

    kirjoittanut Rebecca Zanetti

    sarja Dark Protectors #11
    He’s her darkest fantasy. . .After years of struggling, Haven Daly has finally accepted that she’s nuttier than a fruitcake. Why else would she see visions of a beautiful but tormented male every night . . . and actually believe she can talk to him, even feel his touch? But thanks to those dream journeys, she can paint images nobody else on earth can duplicate. In each brush stroke, she captures ... Lue lisää

    $8.69 USD

  • A Season for Scandal

    Deception and Discipline, #2

    kirjoittanut Golden Angel

    sarja Deception and Discipline #2
    She always dreamed of marrying a Stuart brother. Just not the one who meets her at the altar.When scandal sweeps through London's ballrooms, Lord Elijah Stuart's younger brother is caught in its web. Though his main duty is to England's spymaster, Elijah must forsake his work searching for the traitor to the Crown and instead focus on weddings and reputations. With both the family honor and his ... Lue lisää

    $3.99 USD