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  • 1 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 sur 1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    Merci pour votre commentaire !

    A great book, part of a series but stands alone.

    I love books by Roni Loren; every single one of them that I’ve read (10 so far, counting novellas). Her Loving on the Edge (LOTE) series captured my attention from the very beginning. In some ways I was lucky to discover her books after several of them were already published because I was able to read one right after the other without having to wait for the next one. Although each book is a standalone, I loved them so much I could hardly wait to finish one so I could start the next. Call On Me is about Pike and Oakley. Oakley’s main focus is taking care of her daughter. To do that she works two jobs; a respectable day job and a not so respectable night job that only her brother knows about. Pike, a bad-boy type, is the drummer for a rock band but he is getting tired of the wild night life and all of the groupies that come backstage after a show. Pike meets Oakley meet when he agrees to help with a charity project for the non-profit group she works for. Their first meeting strikes sparks but not necessarily the good kind. Pike is confident and a bit cocky and flirtatious. Oakley had her fill of that type when she was a teenager. Unfortunately (or not) Oakley must work with Pike on the charity project or risk losing a promotion that will allow her to quit her night job. Oakley does not want to like Pike but she can’t seem to help herself. It’s been years since she’s been with a man so she decides that she’ll just have a fling with Pike – no one will get hurt, right? Call On Me is a hot, sexy book with very mild BDSM themes. If you’ve read Roni’s other LOTE books you know that The Ranch is a BDSM resort and features heavily in the other books. The Ranch is not at all prominent in this book but the sexy time is still here. If you’ve read the other LOTE books you won’t want to miss this one. If you haven’t tried Roni’s books yet this would be an excellent one to start with. I almost guarantee you will want to go back and read the other ones later. I “purchased” a print copy of this book in an online charity auction; no review was requested or required.
  • 1 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 sur 1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    Merci pour votre commentaire !


    This book has taken over as my favourite book of the series so far. Pike & Oakley are awesome together & I love Oakley's daughter Reagan she's a sweetie. The fact that Oakley has an extra job that keeps her home at certain times confuses Pike but when he finds out what it is he's intrigued.
  • 1 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 sur 1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    One heck an addiction

    Ok Wow! Roni does it again. One of my favorite quotes from the book… “But Oakley wasn’t cake, she was heroin. And he was ... hooked.” Well consider books my cake and Roni’s writing one heck of an addiction. There are many authors that attempt to do BDSM and erotic romance and there are a rare few that do it right. Roni is one of those very few. I can tell you that one of the biggest pet peeves of those in the lifestyle when it comes to writers doing BDSM is so many of them get it wrong. It’s not only the fact that Roni hits the nail on the head in her scenes but the fact that she totally nails relationships that keeps me coming back time and time again. In Call On Me, Oakley is an ex-child rock star and a mother of an autistic child of eleven. After her stint in the music industry she disdains musicians and tattoos. So who should slink his way into her life? That’s right Pike, bad ass tattooed drummer boy extraordinaire. He’s conceited, all that and Mr. flirt from the get go. Oakley’s standoffish and buttoned up tight with a sexy voice to die for. The sparks between these two fly from the start. I’ve never enjoyed phone sex so much. Oh did I forget to mention that Oakley’s second job is that of a phone sex operator? You have to give her props because it all comes down to what a mother wouldn’t do to provide for her kid. And while her voice might rock a few boats it’s all role playing to Oakley. It’s been so very long since anyone has rocked her boat. By day Oakley works as a receptionist and music coordinator at a children’s center. It’s that role that brings her head to head with Pike. Her boss throws them together on a charity music project involving the kids Oakley works with. At Pike’s suggestion rather than doing a one-time children’s musical with limited income potential they set out to record music at his studio and release it for an ongoing income. Pike is rough around the edges. He had an abusive childhood. He’s guarded with only a few friends that truly know him. Yes you guessed it our favorite Ranch hands. He’s leery of working with kids. He’s use to groupies and one night stands. He has no clue how to do a relationship. All that aside the more Pike gets to know Oakley the deeper he falls. One night will never be enough and he has his hands full convincing Oakley that they have something that’s worth going the distance for. I loved watching these two interact. As much as I love the Ranch it didn’t play a major part in this book. That’s not to say that BDSM wasn’t a part of this relationship as it is in the rest of the series. Oakley discovers her need to let go in the role of a submissive and Pike discovers the dominant side of himself that has never before been inherent until Oakley. I truly enjoyed this addition to the Loving on the Edge series. I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to review it. I can’t wait for the next. Review copy provided via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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