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    A Fascinating Dystopian World of Shifters

    Chasing Destiny is the second book in Miss Erickson’s Silver Tip Pack series and although it features a new couple and can be read as a standalone, there’s a continuing story arc that makes reading the books in order best. This dystopian world of werewolfs, weres, and noweres is incredibly intriguing and described with enough detail that I’m easily transported and lost to it once I start reading. The writing throughout the book is solid, maintaining a steady pace for the most part. The action scenes were incredibly good- picking up in pace and changing the tone to reflect the intensity. In fact, that sense of urgency and struggle came through so clearly that I found it incredibly difficult to put down my e-reader in the latter part of the book. I liked both Nash and Bay, they were personable and I liked the easy way they fit together. I found Nash’s history incredibly fascinating. There was a good complexity to it, complete with a few surprises that made for exciting plot points. Actually, Nash’s past combined with the emerging details of the virus stole my attention so much that I ended up more interested in those elements than the romance. While I liked the second chance romance angle between Nash and Bay, their chemistry and love didn’t measure up to the suspense and excitement the rest of the story and Nash’s character development provided. That said, I did like the way Bay lent strength and confidence to Nash while he adjusted to being back among the Silver Tip pack. Despite not having as strong a connection to the couple and finding some aspects of their relationship a bit forced, I definitely rooted for them to get their happily-ever-after. Overall, Chasing Destiny was a very exciting shifter book with a good romance, some great twists, and delivered suspenseful action. I think fans of this genre will enjoy the unique world Miss Erickson created. I know I’m excited to get back to it and learn what book 3 has in store for the pack. *Reviewed for Alpha Book Club*
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    Solid followup, I WANT MORE!

    4.5 stars — Fantastic follow up to Daring Fate! I just knew it was going to be Nash, but I had NO IDEA what the explanations were going to be. And while I am super duper impatient, and hated having to wait until a good chunk into the book to get my answers, it was kind of fun to continually come up with theories. And while I was never spot on, I got close, and I was definitely satisfied with the answers I got…you know, in a totally horrified way. So, as was not surprising (to me at least), this was a heartbreaking storyline…even a bit more horrifying than I was expecting. I mean seriously, Nash got *beeped* in life. Over and over and over again. I inherently loved him b/c Bay loved him. But because we didn’t have answers at the beginning and we were entirely in Bay’s POV, it was hard to watch him constantly distance himself from Bay and the pack. But once we found out what happened to him, and even when we got into his head, I started to understand how his trauma had shaped him. I felt like his reactions were reasonable given the circumstances, and I felt like his growth and healing happened at a reasonable pace as well. Bay was hiding depths, that’s for sure. I kind of figured though, you would get glimpses of this in Dare’s story. You could really see how his mourning over Nash, and the effects of what happened with Gage really through him off his game. It was interesting to see this happy go lucky guy that was hiding so much pain inside. It was hard to experience his utter confusion over what’s happening with him. I LOVED how persistent he was with Nash, how he wouldn’t let Nash keep his distance, and how once he found him again he wasn’t going to accept any excuses to separate them again. I honestly think he would have followed Nash to his death if it’d come to that. The thing I loved about this story, as in the last one, was the crazy plot line running through it. I loved seeing the Silver Tip pack reaching out to the Whitethroat pack, and I loved the different dynamics that were introduced there (including some interesting new characters). The whole Blanks thing was crazy…like holy tense action batman. I was all in from start to finish, and I loved that we got a satisfying ending after all that Ms. Erickson put us through with our boys. It was fantastic to catch up with old characters, and get even more glimpses into others. My fingers are crossed for a polyamorous relationship in the next book!! I can’t wait to see where this series is going to go.

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