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  • 5 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    5 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    5 sur 6 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    Merci pour votre commentaire !

    OK read. Deep topics. Chemistry lacking.

    I like that this story covered such a serious topic and didnt just gloss over it like most would if it is ever used in the romance genre. You get all the gory details, well not all but a lot. It tackles some deep issues and looks at the mental state of someone facing them. For this I applaud the author, well done. However, the chemistry between the two characters was sadly lacking. all of the ingredients were there to make it great, but it failed to deliver. I did really enjoy this story but found it lacking in the timeline allowing it to be believable. I just didnt buy it. I wish I did, but I didnt. Also, the "big secret" being hidden from her once revealed was a non event and really needed more to make it worth including in the storyline as there was this huge build up about it and then it came out at the end and you just think... oh. And nothing came of it so you wonder why it was even there? overall an ok read. Not spectacular not terrible. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on it but if you can get it cheap in a sale for some light holiday reading go ahead.
  • 1 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    1 sur 1 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    Merci pour votre commentaire !

    Beyond Breath Taking

    Enshrine is a book that steals your breath, grips your heart and doesn't let go. It's beautiful written and is completely realistic. Callie will make you hurt for her. You feel her struggles. Her pain. Bruno. My man Bruno. This man is amazing. His strength and love is beyond anything I've ever seen. I didn't just like this book. I freaking loved it.It honestly made me look at my own life and what really matters! I highly recommend you read it for yourself! Chelle Bliss you my dear are a writing queen! ****This review is true and honest*****
  • 4 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    4 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    4 sur 7 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    Merci pour votre commentaire !

    Steamy and heart squeezing

    Favorite Quotes: “I want to see what is underneath. Being with a man for the first time is like unwrapping a Christmas present. I want to know what my gift is, and I hope it isn't like opening a box of socks.” “I have no family. Who will visit my grave or attend my funeral? I'd leave nothing behind. Just a fabulous shoe collection my friends would ravage before my body was even cold, let alone six feet under.” “Time is the most precious thing we have. We blindly go through our days as if they're in infinite supply. Each year, time moves faster, evaporating before our eyes, and we don't even realize it. The only time we pay attention to time is when we're told ours is running out.” My Review: Chelle Bliss had my lower lip trembling, my cold heart beating at hard rhythms at various times - and for vastly different reasons - and my eyes periodically experienced a strange and unfamiliar wet and burning sensation as I read her latest work of art. Aptly titled Enshrine, the feels in this book were sneaky. Enshrine is a moving and emotive read, and in my opinion, Chelle Bliss at her best. One chapter had me snorting and smirking then ended with a sob-fest for the sweetest of reasons. The story flows smoothly and the writing is pure Bliss with clever humor, delectable steamy goodness, intriguing secrets, insightful observations, and emotional intensity. The main character, Callie, finds herself in the midst of an ironic struggle. Callie's inner battle was to be as hard-fought as her physical complications while she endeavored to overcome her pesky personal issues to eclipse vanity, stubbornness, and paralyzing fear. I found the canny Chapter Titles to be nothing short of ingenious as she followed the formal stages of grief. More irony, she finds safety and solace in the most unlikely of places. I enjoy irony as much as I adore Chelle Bliss, and I loves me some Chelle Bliss!
  • 0 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

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    I loved it. You never know what a cancer survivor goes through and the love involved. I miss my Aunt. Thanks for sharing.
  • 0 personne a trouvé ce commentaire utile

    0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    0 sur 0 personnes ont trouvé ce commentaire utile

    Merci pour votre commentaire !

    Awesomely beautiful book!

    I loved this book from beginning to end, Chelle you have done it once again!!! I loved the plot, the characters, Callie & Bruno and Becca as well. When Callie went through the whole ordeal I felt her pain , sorrow, anger and love as if I was right there with her... Bruno is now my FAVORITE book boyfriend... The way he stood by her through it all was beautiful and to have his sister, Lee there was awesome too. A definite MUST read and I would give this book more than 5 stars if I could!!!

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