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    Interesting, but difficult plot/character connect

    Connie Lacey has had one heck of a ride in life. Brutally attacked a few years ago, she sustained lasting damage. It didn’t stop there, her attacker continued to taunt her periodically just to remind her who held the control. But fate seems to have intervened finally and she has been invited for a chance at a fortune on a remote island thanks to her distant relation to the Billionaire who owns it. However, nothing on the island is as it seems and a tangled web of spirits, legends, and secret identities begins to unfold in the most brutal of fashions. Through all of the life-threatening drama, Connie and Sylvester and drawn to each other and a past life may be to blame – it also might be their saving grace, if they can unravel the mystery hidden in the legend. Sylvester de Leon has led a helluva life. He’s been around for ages and currently holds status as a paparazzi schmoozer, Billionaire recluse, private island owner, and last individual to the family dynasty. He knows exactly what is happening on the island and exactly what he has to do … but explaining the truth wouldn’t do him any good. No one would believe him anyway. He has to find an heir for his fortune and island since he has none and then he has to disappear into the past to repeat his existence again. He’s stuck in a loop, the chosen protector of the island, trapped in his immortality. A curse. He’d love nothing more than to break it, but he’s accepted his fate and knows there is no way out – but Connie has another theory and she’ll do her best to save him and their future if she can – if she can escape the murderer on the island, hell bent of killing her. I really had a difficult time with this story initially. I think there was just so much information to begin with and then this crazy scenario that only happens in dreams, followed by the introduction of several supporting characters all at once. It was just a lot to take in. I was thinking of not finishing the book, but then it snagged a bit of interest. Somehow I had mistakenly thought the immortality was in relation to vampirism, but it did not. I’m not sure how I came up with that, but the paranormal aspect doesn’t have anything to do with creatures. Anyway, I ended up continuing and wanting to find out what was happening – the reason all of this past-life mojo came in to play. I can’t say I was completely surprised, having figured out much of the end of the story on my own … but some of it was surprising and ultimately, I ended up enjoying the book. I think part of my issue with this book is that I, personally, don’t believe in past lives, so from that point, it was farfetched. Not that I don’t enjoy fantastical situations in my books, but I just had a hard time with this one. And Sylvester was this bigger than life personality, but just didn’t strike me as such. As an immortal, you’d think he’d have quite a lot of tricks and contacts up his sleeve, but he seemed to lapse in that area. Additionally, Connie bought in to the past life explanation rather quickly. I mean, personally, I may have eventually figured it out if I was experiencing the same circumstances, but I for sure would have taken quite a lot more processing and convincing. But hey, it’s fantasy, so I’ll just roll with it, right? 😊 Also, with everything the characters dealt with, I found it odd that they lacked depth. The opposite should have been true for an immortal and a woman who had survived a brutal attack. I read through the story relatively quickly, so if you have an afternoon to kill, you would likely polish this book off within the afternoon. The chapters are short, so you have to get past maybe 6 or 7 chapters before you get into it. But maybe not. Some of you might not have any issue, but I had to work at the initial assimilation. If you hang in there, I’m pretty sure you will find the book entertaining. If you don’t mind suspense, past lives, and a touch of time travel with a happy ending, then you’ve come to the right place. Overall, I wasn’t in love with the book, but I did enjoy it. I’m not completely sold with this author as a first read with her, but I would definitely give her another shot to see what I thought of her other work. Kindle version provided by Author/Harlequin in exchange for an honest review.

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