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Fantaisie épique

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  • House of Earth and Blood

    par Sarah J. Maas ...
    collections Crescent City
    A #1 New York Times bestseller!Sarah J. Maas's brand-new CRESCENT CITY series begins with House of Earth and Blood: the story of half-Fae and half-human Bryce Quinlan as she seeks revenge in a contemporary fantasy world of magic, danger, and searing romance.Bryce Quinlan had the perfect life-working hard all day and partying all night-until a demon murdered her closest friends, leaving her bereft, ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Beyond

    par Mercedes Lackey ...
    collections The Founding of Valdemar #1
    The long-awaited founding of Valdemar comes to life in this new series from a New York Times bestselling author and beloved fantasist.Within the Eastern Empire, Duke Kordas Valdemar rules a tiny, bucolic Duchy that focuses mostly on horse breeding. Anticipating the day when the Empire’s exploitative and militant leaders would not be content to leave them alone, Korda’s father set out to gather ... Read more

    $14.99 USD

  • The Name of the Wind

    collections Kingkiller Chronicle #1
    Discover #1 New York Times-bestselling Patrick Rothfuss’ epic fantasy series, The Kingkiller Chronicle.“I just love the world of Patrick Rothfuss.” —Lin-Manuel Miranda • “He’s bloody good, this Rothfuss guy.” —George R. R. Martin • “Rothfuss has real talent.” —Terry BrooksOVER 1 MILLION COPIES SOLD!DAY ONE: THE NAME OF THE WINDMy name is Kvothe.I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow .. ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • The Witness for the Dead

    **"At once intimate and literally operatic, it's everything I love about Katherine Addison's writing, in ways I didn't know to expect. I loved it." —John ScalziKatherine Addison returns to the glittering world she created for her beloved novel, The Goblin Emperor, in this stand-alone sequel**When the young half-goblin emperor Maia sought to learn who had set the bombs that killed his father and ... Read more

    $13.99 USD


  • The Black Prism

    par Brent Weeks ...
    collections Lightbringer #1
    In a world where magic is tightly controlled, the most powerful man in history must choose between his kingdom and his son in the first book in the epic NYT bestselling Lightbringer series.Guile is the Prism. He is high priest and emperor, a man whose power, wit, and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace. Yet Prisms never last, and Guile knows exactly how long he has left to live.When Guile ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • The Heroes

    par Joe Abercrombie ...
    They say Black Dow's killed more men than winter, and clawed his way to the throne of the North up a hill of skulls. The King of the Union, ever a jealous neighbor, is not about to stand smiling by while he claws his way any higher. The orders have been given and the armies are toiling through the northern mud. Thousands of men are converging on a forgotten ring of stones, on a worthless hill, in ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Gideon the Ninth

    par Tamsyn Muir ...
    collections The Locked Tomb Trilogy #1
    Gideon the Ninth is the first book in the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Locked Tomb Trilogy, and one of the Best Books of 2019 according to NPR, the New York Public Library, Amazon, BookPage, Shelf Awareness, BookRiot, and Bustle!**WINNER of the 2020 Locus Award and Crawford AwardFinalist for the 2020 Hugo, Nebula, Dragon, and World Fantasy Awards“Unlike anything I’ve ever read... ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • The City of Brass

    A Novel

    collections The Daevabad Trilogy
    NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY Library Journal | Vulture | The Verge | SYFYWireStep into The City of Brass, the spellbinding debut from S. A. Chakraborty perfect for fans of The Golem and the Jinni, The Grace of Kings, and Uprooted, in which the future of a magical Middle Eastern kingdom rests in the hands of a clever and defiant young con artist with miraculous healing gifts.On the ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • Skyborn

    A Steamborn Novel

    par Eric Asher ...
    collections Steamborn #4
    A king denied. A princess restored. A victory undone.Ancora's survival came at a great cost, and the reconstruction is an endless task for those who remain. Jacob and Alice explore what's left of the Lowlands, discovering the lost journals of Charles von Atlier in the rubble. Between those leatherbound covers, Jacob finds a secret that could help him rebuild Ancora, but first it will lead him back ... Read more

    $4.99 USD


  • The Seventh Sword

    The Complete Series

    par Dave Duncan ...
    collections The Seventh Sword
    A young man is transformed into a barbarian fighter in this adventurous series from “one of the leading masters of epic fantasy” (Publishers Weekly).In this complete collection of the high fantasy Seventh Sword series by Aurora Award–winning author Dave Duncan, Wallie Smith must face a new destiny and save an unfamiliar world from evil forces.The Reluctant Swordsman: Wallie goes to the hospital ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • The Master of Whitestorm

    par Janny Wurts ...
    This classic fantasy adventure from the acclaimed author of the Wars of Light and Shadow series “is storytelling at its best” (Raymond E. Feist, #1 New York Times–bestselling author).Chained at the oar on a Mhurgai galley, a sullen slave who never speaks is considered a madman by his fellow captives—until the hour Korendir announces a plan, which is certainly doomed to failure, for no one ever ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Mistborn Trilogy

    The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages

    collections Mistborn
    This discounted ebundle includes: Mistborn: The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of AgesFrom #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, the Mistborn trilogy is a heist story of political intrigue and magical, martial-arts action.For a thousand years the ash fell and no flowers bloomed. For a thousand years the Skaa slaved in misery and lived in fear. For a thousand years ... Read more

    $23.18 USD

  • From Blood and Ash

    collections Blood and Ash
    Captivating and action-packed, From Blood and Ash is a sexy, addictive, and unexpected fantasy perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Laura Thalassa.A Maiden…Chosen from birth to usher in a new era, Poppy’s life has never been her own. The life of the Maiden is solitary. Never to be touched. Never to be looked upon. Never to be spoken to. Never to experience pleasure. Waiting for the day of her ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • The Priory of the Orange Tree

    The New York Times bestselling "epic feminist fantasy perfect for fans of Game of Thrones" (Bustle).NAMED A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR BY:**AMAZON (Top 100 Editors Picks and Science Fiction and Fantasy) * CHICAGO PUBLIC LIBRARY * BOOKPAGE * AUTOSTRADDLEA world divided.A queendom without an heir.An ancient enemy awakens.**The House of Berethnet has ruled Inys for a t... ... Read more

    $13.59 USD

  • The Complete Wheel of Time

    collections Wheel of Time
    **Soon to be an original series starring Rosamund Pike as Moiraine!The Wheel of Time®, Robert Jordan's internationally bestselling fantasy series, has captured the imaginations of millions of readers worldwide.**It's a story that takes place both in our past and our future. In Jordan's fantasy world, the Dark One, the embodiment of pure evil, is breaking free from his prison. The overall plot is ... Read more

    $152.85 USD

  • Words of Radiance

    Book Two of the Stormlight Archive

    collections The Stormlight Archive #2
    From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, Words of Radiance, Book Two of the Stormlight Archive, continues the immersive fantasy epic that The Way of Kings began.Expected by his enemies to die the miserable death of a military slave, Kaladin survived to be given command of the royal bodyguards, a controversial first for a low-status "darkeyes." Now he must protect the king and ... Read more

    $10.99 USD

  • The Rise of Fortune and Fury

    par Sawyer Bennett ...
    collections Chronicles of the Stone Veil #5
    It’s time to meet my destiny.Kymaris has everything she needs to bring down the veil between Earth and the Underworld. If she’s successful in completing the ritual, Earth will be darkened by evil. Demons will swarm our lands and the human race will be decimated.It’s up to me to stop her.My fate is to thwart the prophecy, but I’m not sure what to do. While I may have some gifts, I am still merely a ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Paladin's Strength

    The Saint of Steel, #2

    par T. Kingfisher ...
    collections The Saint of Steel #2
    He's a paladin of a dead god, tracking a supernatural killer across a continent. She's a nun from a secretive order, on the trail of the raiders who burned her convent and kidnapped her sisters.When their paths cross at the point of a sword, Istvhan and Clara will be pitched headlong into each other's quests, facing off against enemies both living and dead. But Clara has a secret that could ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • The Wise Man's Fear

    collections Kingkiller Chronicle #2
    Discover #1 New York Times-bestselling Patrick Rothfuss’ epic fantasy series, The Kingkiller Chronicle.“I just love the world of Patrick Rothfuss.” —Lin-Manuel Miranda • “He’s bloody good, this Rothfuss guy.” —George R. R. Martin • “Rothfuss has real talent.” —Terry BrooksDAY TWO: THE WISE MAN’S FEAR“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Dragontiarna: Knights

    collections Dragontiarna #1
    Ridmark Arban has defeated both the mighty Frostborn and the evil of the Seven Swords, and now he only wishes to live quietly with his family.But Ridmark's oldest enemy, the Warden of Urd Morlemoch, has not forgotten him.And the Warden knows a dangerous secret.For the dragons are returning... ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Dragontiarna: Warden

    collections Dragontiarna #10
    The tide of war engulfs two worlds.Ridmark has liberated Cintarra from the dark legions of the Heptarchy. But the Heralds of Ruin now march upon Cathair Kaldran, which holds a source of unimaginable power.And if the Heralds claim that power, countless worlds will burn to ashes.To defeat them, Ridmark must take up a weapon that might consume him.Once again he must wield the Sword of the Dragon ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones 5-Book Boxed Set (Song of Ice and Fire Series)

    A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons

    collections A Song of Ice and Fire
    For the first time, all five novels in the epic fantasy series that inspired HBO’s Game of Thrones are together in one eBook bundle. An immersive entertainment experience unlike any other, A Song of Ice and Fire has earned George R. R. Martin—dubbed “the American Tolkien” by Time magazine—international acclaim and millions of loyal readers. Now this bundle collects the entire monumental cycle in ... Read more

    $39.99 USD

  • The Obelisk Gate

    par N. K. Jemisin ...
    collections The Broken Earth #2
    Essun's missing daughter grows more powerful every day, and her choices may destroy the world in this "magnificent" Hugo Award winner and NYT Notable Book. (NPR)The season of endings grows darker, as civilization fades into the long cold night.Essun -- once Damaya, once Syenite, now avenger -- has found shelter, but not her daughter. Instead there is Alabaster Tenring, destroyer of the world, with ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • Capture the Crown

    par Jennifer Estep ...
    collections A Gargoyle Queen Novel
    Bestselling author Jennifer Estep returns to her Crown of Shards world with an all-new trilogy and a bold new heroine who protects her kingdom from magic, murder, and mayhem by moonlighting as a spy.Gemma Ripley has a reputation for being a pampered princess who is more interested in pretty gowns, sparkling jewelry, and other frivolous things than learning how to rule the kingdom of Andvari. But ... Read more

    $11.99 USD