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    Definitely not for the faint of heart

    Volume 1 There is so much emotion and so many secrets contained within this little novella. Alexa was involved in a car crash that stole everything from her but left her alive. Landon’s a playboy musician with dark secrets he’s hiding from the world. The connection between them is nearly instant and overwhelming. Neither knows what to do with chemistry they shouldn’t act on. I’m very glad I can move on to the next part of the story immediately. I think I might have lost my mind if I had to wait to read more of this story. Volume 2 The pain and secrets just get deeper and darker. Both Alexa and Landon are a mess. Neither one fells in control of their life anymore. As their feelings for one another get stronger, forces outside their control are working to tear them apart. Can they find their balance point together or will those destructive forces win? With the cliff-hanger this episode ends on, I’m more anxious than ever to read the next installment. Volume 3 This installment is much longer than the previous ones, and it needs to be because there’s so much that happens in this one. I don’t even know how to write a review of this that doesn’t spoil what few answers we’re able to glean or the twists the plot takes once you’re inside. Everything we had come to believe in the previous two books is brought into question. Somehow the emotional turmoil and secrets that were already overwhelming get even bigger. Can Alexa figure out who she really is? Will Landon get his forever love? Watch out for the sudden stop at the end of this book. The cliff we’re left hanging from is very steep. Volume 4 I'm sitting here looking at the blinking cursor and realizing I haven't quite recovered from the book yet. I'm wondering how do I put into words what I just went through and make it more meaningful than "it was good"? Definitely not for the faint of heart. This episode, more than any of the others, contains scenes and subject matter that may be difficult to read, with some themes that aren't "nice" at all. I’m so very glad to see all of the questions answered and everyone gets exactly what they deserve, but I’m left a little numb after everything this book put me through.

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