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    Tomorrow feels like today, just different.

    This book is amazingly; I like science fiction novels that make me think and this own presents a future that is interesting and realistic. Recent news stories dealing with patents and ownership of big data are expanded to their horrific extreme where not only is all future innovation held prisoner by patents, but actual people can be owned as well. That drug patents are more important than people they could save and those who illegally create these drugs to save people are branded pirates and hunted down and exterminated. At the same time, the world isn't truly horrific. We have solve the global warming crisis, all the technology in the book is green. People can live longer lives (if they can afford the live extension drugs), and even though people have to buy citizenship (now call franchise), it is definitely a future with a lot going for it. One of the chapters that I really enjoyed it when one of the autonomous robots points out that humans have issues with humans being enslaved, but absolutely none with the same being true for robots. That humans hate the robots for making it possible for humans to be enslaved again. The book is chalked full of ideas and ethical arguments. It made me think about things in a different way and unlikely some, I enjoy when my core beliefs and challenged and I have to reflect on why I believe what I believe. I have to admit I originally preordered this book simply to see how the author envisioned my home province of Saskatchewan a century and a half into the future. But a chapter into the book, I was hooked and enthralled by the world unfurling before me. I highly recommend this novel.

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