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    Alpha-male meet Spice!

    Killian and Dallas were so sweet together, so hot, so sexy, and so, well bruised. The events of their childhoods left them marked, with a lingering spot that ached when poked. In their hearts, on their souls, and in their memories. Dallas is more aware of the moments, and Killian starts out as her aggravator, and becomes her solace. Killian is less aware, but his interactions with Dallas bring clarity to him of the repercussions of his actions. Once he starts to recognize his behaviour, he makes the changes he needs to be a better man. For himself, for his brothers, and most importantly for her This story is full of assumptions, misguided realities, and lost hopes. Dallas held onto the better life her brother got, while she didn’t. Killian figured everything went on as normal for Dallas, and never considered anything else. The realities then and now are shocking to them both. This story is full of one overbearing, overprotective, bullheaded, single-minded, male named Killian Brody, and you will love him! As he settles in and becomes comfortable with himself, you see his playfulness, his ego, and his confidence. He only wants what is best for those around him, and seeing him shower Dallas with love was a beautiful sight to behold!
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    0 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

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    A great addition to this series

    All the Brody brothers have reputations for getting what they want, and Killian lives up to the bulldozer tag, focusing so hard on helping his injured brother that he kidnaps Dallas. That explosive start, the baggage of the past, and their chemistry makes the relationship between them tense and full of sparks. A lot of pain from their childhoods needs to be exposed and explored to help heal each other, and the book balances their growing emotional intimacy with some seriously hot physical interludes. Gail excels at creating heroes who aren’t afraid to acknowledge both their mistakes and their feelings, and when they’ve chosen their woman, they do whatever it takes to remove anything that threatens their mutual happiness. Killian does not disappoint, and Dallas is a wonderfully confident, loyal and passionate partner for him. I'd recommend for readers for like strong alpha heroes and a high heat level.
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    0 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

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    Heartbreaking, emotionally intense, exciting!

    Since we first met the larger than life, Alpha males of the Brody family, their stories have been confronting, physical, and emotionally charged to the max, but none more so than this heart-wrenching story of the eldest Brody brother and the woman who shares his youngest brother’s DNA. Killian Brody is arrogant, in your face, take no prisoners, and definitely makes no apologies for taking what he wants and never losing a moment of sleep in the process. He does however have one undeniable weakness….his brothers. Well that’s until the force of nature known as D, comes rampaging into his life and turning everything in her path on its head. While I have thoroughly enjoyed and shed many tears whilst reading Branded and Braced; Bruised left me gutted. Just when I thought that the cruelty and suffering endured by four young boys couldn’t rip my heart apart any further, I found the final pieces totally shredded as I witnessed the years of emotional guilt experienced by a grown man for the brothers he failed to protect as an innocent 12 year-old. But when Dallas entered Killian’s life (let’s not dwell on the fact that kidnapping is a capital offence) he discovered that misery was far reaching and impacted not only the Brody clan, but an equally innocent 8-year-old girl who then spent 20 years believing she betrayed her little brother’s trust by letting not holding tight. Readers were given glimpses into Killian in the earlier books, but as you turn the pages of Bruised, the truth behind his gruff and dominant persona, is finally revealed and the reality is devastating. As much as the Ryland and Finian’s stories have touched my heart, Bruised is definitely my favourite book of the series and Killian’s story goes soul deep. There was nothing that I didn’t love about this book; excellent world building, an all too real storyline, and characters that could make you laugh, even while you were crying your eyes out. I don’t know if I will survive the telling of Desmond’s upbringing and the horrors that no child should endure; but even with my fractured and battered heart from having read Branded, Braced and Bruised, nothing will prevent this glutton for punishment from reading the final Brody brother’s story. Thank you Ms Gail for telling a devastating and exceptional story, while dragging your readers (and Dallas) kicking and screaming right along with you.

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