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    CHRISTIAN is an exciting and dangerously seductive read that will have you panting for more! Oh my goodness! D.B. Reynolds has outdone herself this time! The war between the North American and European vampires is heating up with the fight over the South (southern U.S. states). Ever since the previous Lord was killed, Raphael appointed a temporary Vampire to hold the territory…with Raphael’s backing, of course. With new powers in play, the game constantly changing and the seat of the South up for grabs, war is eminent. Sides are taken and loyalties are tested in this latest installment of the Vampires in America series! This book is SO exciting! I loved the politics and the new players on the scene. And I really enjoyed Christian. I’ll admit, when the story first began, he was stiff and sterile. Come to find out, that’s just his shield. When you get underneath his skin, you’ll find a hot-blooded, extremely sexy, erotically seductive and powerful Vampire. Not to mention he’s tall, blond, heavily muscled and French! Oo la la, indeed! Natalie is a half-Cajun/half-Creole spitfire from New Orleans with a snarky mouth and wicked intelligence. She definitely gives Christian a run for his money. They fit well together and their chemistry is off the charts! Their sex scenes are so hot, you’ll be scandalized for a week! The entire book was non-stop action! Several of the Vampire Lords make appearances as well as a few mates. And the epilogue is going to drive you crazy! It’s short, sweet and has just enough suspense to have you BEGGING for the next book! D.B. Reynolds just keeps getting better and better. Her stories are always well-written and entertaining. I would recommend CHRISTIAN and any of the author’s books, all day every day! ***I was gifted an eBook copy from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own***
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    The Southern Territory is up for grabs and Christian Duvall is determined to claim it but the battle has taken a treacherous edge because one of his enemies wants what already belongs to Christian in this spectacular paranormal romance. Natalie loves her complex job and the simplicity of her life until she meets Christian and she has to fight to keep him alive and the reader can’t help but get drawn into the story as Texas becomes the battleground for some of the most dangerous vampires alive. Expectation builds lots of tension as allies and enemies alike try to remove Christian from the challenge for Lord of the South and excitement builds throughout the story as the dangers escalate with a horde of zombie vampires being prepped to roll right over Texas and everyone that gets in the way. Vivid imagery brings each and every scene to life as the well written passages and details capture the imagination and the intriguing events sweep the readers along on a challenge that guarantees there is never a dull moment while a few unexpected twists keeps everyone on their toes. The plot is fast paced, smooth flowing and provides readers with lots of thrills, suspense and romance as the strong charismatic characters demand attention while Christian uses every shred of power and Natalie’s determination to win the war. Sizzling chemistry and scorching sex scenes provide spicy excitement while Natalie and Christian try to adjust to trusting one another with some powerful encounters as Christian makes it known to one and all including our favorite vampires that he’s the best man for the job. Okay I have to hand it to Christian, he waltzed right in and made my heart pound and my senses tingle with excitement as his powerful vibe leapt from the pages and Natalie just made the perfect female for him…too bad though because I would have loved to have kept him for myself. Oh well…I’ll just have to keep dreaming and impatiently waiting for next exciting story and I do mean exciting because no one has heard from Sophia and Colin.
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    No one writes Vampires better!

    ACTION-PACKED, INTRIGUING, RIVETING!! D.B.Reynolds at her absolute BEST!! Yes, Christian is all of this and more; he will have readers so utterly enthralled they will burn the midnight oil till the last page is read. I know readers will be just as enamoured by Christian as I am, and that’s a huge call, as Raphael owns my heart. But there’s just something delectable about this alluring Frenchman with his magnetic appeal. And as many times as I’ve thought that this series could not get any better; every time Ms Reynolds glories in proving me utterly wrong. A little about CHRISTIAN……. The European Vampires are breathing down North America’s neck, with the war for supremacy within the Vampire race now in full swing. Deception is around every corner and after the kidnap and torture of Raphael; the North American Vampire Lords are on high alert. But the time has come for Christian to make his presence known and enter the battle for leadership of the South and the much-coveted position of Vampire Lord, even if that means coming face to face with the most powerful Vampire known to man. It’s no secret that Raphael will play a huge part in deciding who is worthy of winning the ultimate prize that’s the South, as his alliances continue to grow among his peers. But with Christian’s undesirable link to the very woman who almost cost Raphael his very existence, he is subjected to Raphael’s penetrating scrutiny and Cyn’s unrelenting suspicion before he even walks through the door. Christian commands notice when he enters the room, with his charismatic French charm and devastating good looks, but when he arrives in the South and encounters Natalie Gaudet, he knows she is destined to be his. Smart, sassy and a vision of loveliness, Natalie captivates this formidable man from the moment they meet. But Christian must be constantly on his guard, as not only is a power struggle about to begin, but one of his rivals has designs of stripping him of more than just his pursuit of the South; someone wants what is ultimately not available, the woman that may very well be his destined his mate.

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