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In this fiery new book, bestselling bondage author, Powerone presents three must-read short novels of wives with weak husbands who find a dark pleasure and a new life in submission and obedience to other, much more powerful men.

Sarah is thrust into a private mental facility because of her husband’s shoplifting in “Bound in Therapy”. Her husband lets her take the rap for his misdeeds. But, inside the institution, Sara learns of a shadowy group of rich men that will take care of her but only if she will ‘perform’. Soon, Sarah learns the pleasure of complete submission.

In “Bound for Gambling Debt,” Rebecca’s husband, Stuart, is an addicted gambler and drinker. Although Rebecca thought he had it under control, while on vacation in the Caribbean, Rebecca finds out differently. The owner of the resort gives Stuart credit to gamble with. When he loses, Rebecca finds she is the collateral for his debts. When the owner and his son take possession of her, Stuart promises Rebecca he will find a way to redeem her, but she is expected to work off his debt until such time, if ever, he pays off the debt. Yet, Rebecca finds something arousing and fulfilling in the demand for submission the owner makes on her.

“Smugglers Paradise.” Seth promises Pepper he has freed himself from drug addiction, and she believes it–right up to the moment Honduran police find the large stash of uncut heroin hidden in her suitcase. Police captain Diego Sánchez is sure that it is Seth that smuggled the drugs and turns him over to Private Abana Diaz, a legend for her strictness with male prisoners, hoping Seth will confess under her interrogation. Meanwhile, Captain Sánchez and his men eye Pepper’s lush body, suggesting she might be released if she learns submission and obedience to their whims.

Dark BDSM Tales is a unique collection from a master of BDSM. Powerone’s other collections include Tales of Bondage and Submission and Tales of Unexpected Pleasure. Among his most recent bondage novels are Cinderella: Bound for the Prince and Bound and Controlled.

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