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    Get Ready for theHolidays

    I was able to read 4 of the stories in this collection. I love returning to Christmas Town, Maine every year! It's almost become a real place to me! I wish it were, I'd definitely go there! THE CHRISTMAS LIST BY ANNA J. STEWART A fun holiday story about Clancy and Hazel. Hazel is very "by the book" and lives completely by a schedule every day. She lost her parents at an early age (was raised by Aunt Trudy) and now she wants to control everything about her environment! Clancy, however, runs the retirement home in Christmas Town and because his grandpa wasn't treated nicely when he was old, he wants to treat the elderly differently. He had Aunt Trudy in his retirement home before she passed away and finds a list of things Trudy wanted to do for Hazel so he sets out to do those for Hazel instead! Fun, Fun!!!! SANTA'S SECRET HEART BY ANNA ADAMS Emma had a broken engagement when she was younger and she's never gotten over it. Her marriage to another guy didn't go very well either and now she's divorced but, with a darling son who longs for a father. When he meets Santa, she thinks he will ask for a father for Christmas BUT when she finds out his real wish, she is stunned and realizes she needs to make some changes in her life. "Santa" is the guy who broke her engagement - Mason. He only broke it off because he was going into the military and didn't know if he'd come back alive. I enjoyed how they worked things out and of course, Christmas magic was a big help! MERRY CHRISTMAS, CAROL BY MELINDA CURITS What fun to go back to all the issues in your high school years! Mike was the usual star high school quarterback who was going places - definitely to college on a full-ride. However, everything changed one night at the end of high school and Mike's still in Christmas Town 10 yrs. later running a lumber yard. Not where he thought he'd be. Carol, on the other hand, was NOT popular and happened to be with Mike when that "night" happened 10 yrs. before. Neither one has spoken since. Carol hasn't had a normal childhood - she has always volunteered everywhere to everyone because that's where her mother took her. So great to see these 2 get together! A CASE FOR CHRISTMAS MAGIC BY AMY VASTINE A fun beginning for this story when Clara's sleigh goes crashing through the snow right into the road in front of a vehicle and Boyd (who is just driving into town) tries to stop the vehicle from hitting the sleigh! Boyd is a total Scrooge and wants to expose Christmas Town as a farce (along with his sister) but Clara thinks something totally different so it's a fun "misunderstanding" story! I enjoyed watching Boyd's transformation!!!
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    Christmas magic

    I enjoyed the stories of Christmas Town and the magic that happens there.
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    0 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

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    Heart warming holiday wishes

    As the title says they were heartwarming sweet romances set at Christmas time,. A bit too sweet for me but ok occasionally

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