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    Hi Jessica I just finished reading Home front it was a beautiful story from the beginning to the end I can't wait to start reading After the War Thank you Carole
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    This book is well worth reading.

    Take two young lovers who got pregnant when they least expected, he goes off and joins the army and you have the beginning of one really heartfelt romance. I was a military wife and I know how hard it is to watch your husband deploy to a foreign country and you not knowing whether he'll walk through that door again or come home in a pine box. Gale Sorren is a First Sargeant in the Army. He was married once, when he was much younger, but his wife, Melanie divorced him because he was never there for her and she couldn't face life having to deal with things on her own. She runs from him, taking his baby daughter with her, and for 15 years, they've tried to work things out but the Army has always come first for Gale. When his young daughter, now 15, is hospitalized and he is refused permission to come home to be with her and his ex, Gale runs into some problems of his own. However, he manages to get posted back to Fort Hood where Melanie and his daughter live. He wants to be a part of both their lives but he's not quite certain that they will let him back on a permanent basis. However, he's trying to make them his first priority this time and he's not certain he will succeed either as a husband nor as a father. Then a young man, Alex, steps into his life by hiding in their daughter's closet. Alex swears he's only there to help her with her biology but Gale was a teenager once and he knows that young men Alex's age are nothing but a walking hormone gone wild and he's not believing this story for a second. Tension comes between Gale and Alex's father, a man who once saved Gale's life in war. Gale doesn't like what he sees in how Alex is treated by his father. He has some real concerns but doesn't know how to prove to the military exactly what is going on. Alex needs help and Gale wants Alex to feel safe so he offers a shoulder and a willingness to listen to what Alex has to say. But, will Alex open up to him instead of being the young, tough punk he is trying to tell the world he is? I was rivited to this story from the very first paragrah and I didn't want to see it end. I've been reading romance since I first read Katherine Woodiwiss' "The Flame and the Flower" and I've read a lot of really good books over the years but this one just took my breath away. The story faces some hard issues: priorities, abuse, anger management, parenting skills and love. I loved the interaction between Gale and his ex-wife and daughter and I also loved the way he tried to help Alex out. He's definitely a man's man but he's all heart and not afraid to either call a spade a spade or to man up when it's necessary. He's grown over the years as a man, one who's spent years fighting war and trying to deal with his own issues. He's also far more senstive than the men under him would ever realize because he can be a real 'hard ass' when he has to be. If your looking for a really, really good military romance, I highly recommend this one. It's definitely a page turner and a book I didn't want to put down nor did I want to see it end. I'm a re-reader and this is a book I know I'm going to read many, many times over the years. I have the next book in this series to read and I'm truly looking forward to it.

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