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    1 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

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    Princess and the Seal

    Awesome new Seals story beautifully written... This book will make you believe in love and happily ever after. I couldn't put it down the story captured my attention from the first page. Cash teased hs friends when they found the love of their life. He swore he would never married. Ella was being force to marry this sheik, who paid for her virginity. So she ran away but was caught and along comes Cash. From the moment he seen her he knew it was something different about her. He takes her away but later finds out she's a Princess and her family says he kidnapped her. To protect her and his self he has to of all things "Marry Her". Another thing that blows Cash away is she's a virgin and she wants him to take her virginity. Now that was too funny. When their atraction became to much it was on and popping. I lover this book, i love the action and I love Cash and Ella, I was not reasy for their love story to end. Great job Lynn, I will be rereading this book again soon.
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    HOT, yes, and great!

    Wasn't sure you could top Mendez but this story was just as good. Twists and turns and above all HOT.
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    The Princess & The Hero!!

    "Do I excite you, Cash McQuaid? Is that the problem?" "Yes, Ella. That is exactly the problem." OMG! I absolutely loved this story! I love it when the hero, who's sworn off love and marriage, finds the one woman that can change his mind! The one woman who sees through his tough exterior and gets right to the heart of him. Princess Antonella Rossi has led a sheltered life. Kept secluded by her aunt and uncle since her parents died, she now finds herself and her innocence promised to a middle-eastern sheikh. But, she won't let that happen and makes a run for it. Literally on the verge of being dragged back to the altar, a white night appears in a black Mustang and saves her from what she was sure would be a fate worse than death. But, how far will he go to keep her safe, when he doesn't even know her? When it becomes clear that the only thing that can save her, and save his reputation, is the one rule he swore he'd never break, can they keep up the charade long enough to gain her freedom? Cash "Money" McQuaid just wanted a nice, quiet, weekend fishing at the river. No excitement, no trouble, just relaxation and solitude. That all changes when he comes upon a girl in a wedding dress being manhandled on the roadside. Doing what he does best, he rescues her, but at what cost? He's got two rules: (1) No Marriage; (2) No virgins. Now, with his reputation on the line, and the media believing he's kidnapped her, there is only one way out to save them both. Break rule number one. How long can he hold out before he breaks rule number two? I loved the banter between these two. She can shock him with a simple sentence and put him in his place with the next. His inner battle between giving in to his desire and doing what he thinks is the right thing was both heartwarming and humorous. These men of HOT are just that!! HOT! And completely swoon-worthy. This is a great addition to the HOT Seal Team series. If you haven't read it, do it as soon as possible!

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