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    1 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

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    Sexy and action filled winter sport romance!

    As a fan of the winter Olympics, the idea of the Snow and Ice Games series is one that definitely appeals to me and I'm happy to say that this first in the series, Love on the Tracks, is a definite winner! Rowan Andrews is a twenty year old luger, with her heart set on getting a medal at this year's Snow and Ice Games (the SIGs). Her training inspiration is the music of Licence to Game, and she's the first to admit she has a crush on lead singer Zane Rivera. When she gets to meet him face to face, she is thrilled, and since it happens on morning TV, the positive publicity leads Zane's agent and Rowan's dad to come up with a plan to benefit them both – a 'dating' relationship to raise Zane's band's profile on social media and give Rowan some new sponsorship possibilities. Fake dating soon leads to real intimacy. But will the distraction cost Rowan a chance a medal? I really enjoyed this story! I loved the emphasis on the sport of luge (which I actually watch on TV) and the technical details that were interesting but not overwhelming. It's a very sex positive story, with consent coming from both sides and Rowan, while somewhat shy in public, definitely not being shy in private. She's always used the competitions as a chance to hookup and let off a little steam, but with Zane, the steam gets pretty intense! Zane is a very likable man, kind and generous. His goal is to eventually go solo, but for now he's got a good relationship with his band even as he spends time writing songs for himself. There are some lovely scenes where Rowan becomes instrumental to his music and it soon becomes clear to them both that their fake relationship could turn into a real one. Along with the romance we get some action packed competition scenes as Rowan goes for the gold. I won't give away the ending, except to say that Rowan and Zane do eventually get their happy ending (but not without some ups and downs) and I am excited to read the next in the series!

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