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    Only For His Lady

    **Previously featured in "With Dreams Only of You" collection. Which now includes a prologue and epilogue! ** Only For His Lady by Christi Caldwell is another great read by this author. I absolutely love everything she has written, thus far. "Only For His Lady", is Book 1 in what promises to be a most intriguing series, "The Theodosia Sword". This is the story of Damian Renshaw, the Duke of Devlin and Lady Theodosia Rayne's story. The Renshaw and Rayne's family have been rivals for years. But will stealing the Theodosia sword back from a Renshaw return the Rayne's good forture and lift the curse, forever? Intrigue, adventure, a sword, a curse, passion and romance, makes "Only For His Lady", a very enticing story. But will Theodosia and Damian's love survive or will all be lost? A fierce, brazen lady meets a thief in the night, what follows is captivating, as well as mesmerizing. Another hit! I recommend "Only For His Lady", to fans of Historical Romance, legends, rivals, and anyone who love a great, quick read. While, only about 114 pages, they are packed full of exhilarating entertainment! Ms. Caldwell, will leave readers all agog with her engaging characters and her intriguing storyline. I can't wait to read the next installment of "The Theodosia Sword". A must read! *Personal buy* Rating: 4.5 Heat rating: Mild Reviewed by: AprilR
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    Another Superb Christi Caldwell Story

    Determined. Foolhardy. Gutsy. All words to describe Lady Theodosia Rayne in her quest to retrieve the sword stolen from her family; a sword she was named after – the Theodosia Sword; a sword that is purported will reverse her family’s bad luck and restore their fortune. What she doesn’t count on is encountering nor falling in love with her nemesis in her retrieval. Damian Renshaw, the Duke of Devlin, relishes his position of being feared by all; it provides him with the solitude he desires. That is until he meets the spitfire trying to steal a piece of his family’s treasure. He becomes intrigued by the beauty who defies centuries of animosity between the families to right what she believes is a wrong. Each meeting between Theo and Damian is more entertaining than the last and provides an insight into what fuels the family feud. As the battle continues for the right of ownership will truths come to light or will the past prove to be too difficult to overcome even in the face of love? Christi Caldwell keeps providing superb stories that involve all the emotions and had me alternating between cheering Theo on (while smacking her family) to berating Damian for being so full of himself (while wanting to punch his mother!).

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