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    sexy and suspenseful!

    Ruben is a bruiser, a divorced, ex-alcoholic, rough and tumble guy. He’s got a job with his brother’s security company, a last ditch attempt at turning his life around and keeping himself on his new straight and narrow (or at least non-inebriated) path. When Andy, a billionaire financial whiz hires Ruben to be his personal bodyguard, it’s obvious that Ruben is far from qualified, but also that Andy is looking for someone who won’t be running to the police anytime soon (the only logical reason for why he’d hire a low life company like Ruben’s brother’s.) Andy’s life is all penthouse suites, flashy clothes and available women. But Ruben is shocked to discover that as he gets involved in Andy’s life, his interest in Andy becomes more of a personal nature. In a world of lies, violence and deceit, will Andy be Ruben’s salvation or ruin? First of all I have to say that neither of these men would be on my list of favourite book boyfriends. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they are more of the anti-hero variety. Yet at the same time, I found both of their character portrayals quite fascinating. Ruben is a thug really, 20 years an alcoholic with a sketchy past, an ex-wife (whom he admits to cheating on), and without many skills with which to find a job. His brother gives him one at his security company because Ruben has the tough guy look that works well as a bouncer or bodyguard. As a Colombian American, his darker skin, combined with his general demeanor make him a guy that looks more at home in a bar than in a fancy restaurant. Since the story is told from his point of view, we get his thoughts unfiltered (and I confess to hearing many new to me expressions which I’m going to assume are partly due to the male author, and partly due to the ethnicity of the character). But I guess that’s one of the things that made the story so interesting to me, as it’s a viewpoint I’ve never read before. You get some eye opening perspectives of the poor and the rich areas of New York, all through Ruben’s filter. Andy is no prize either , though he has the good looks and the money to attract females like flies. But his character is almost manic at times – cheerful and friendly at one point, then snarly and harsh at another. He’s also definitely shady, there is just something about him that you know doesn’t add up. Yet despite this, Ruben finds himself attracted to him on a visceral level, and that attraction is returned. For both men, it’s a ‘gay for you’ event – neither having been with a man before, and indeed there is a strip club scene that clearly could have gone in several different directions than the one it did, with all the women apparently interested in this suited up duo. As a result, the sex scenes are awkward, messy and erotic, as they explore a new side to their personalities. But along with the hot sex, there is definitely a lot of suspense as the story unfolds, with Andy’s need for a bodyguard becoming clearer, while the actual circumstances that are resulting in the violence surrounding him becoming more confusing. I confess to occasionally being as confused as Ruben, not sure whether to view Andy as a good guy, bad guy or something in between, but definitely more of the bad news variety than the good. Even by the end I wasn’t wholly sold on the reasons for Andy’s behavior, but the point of the story isn’t to redeem either character. In my opinion, it’s more to show that love knows no boundaries, social or otherwise. I’m not totally sold on Andy and Ruben as a couple (does it seem strange to say that I think Ruben could do better? Clearly Andy has the upper hand in the looks and money department but I didn’t feel as much attachment to him as to Ruben, maybe because we only see him through Ruben’s eyes). At any rate, the story was highly entertaining, a real page turner and very original. 3. 5 stars.
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    Pent Up

    Andy is a businessman that does some not such nice things. Ruben is his new and inexperienced bodyguard. A slow burn romance between two opposites that is intense, gritty and sweet.

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