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  • 3 person found this review helpful

    3 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

    3 su 3 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

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    Sometimes, love comes unexpectedly

    I started this book bundle with the novella Gingerbread Kisses by Beate Boeker. It is an atmospheric, wonderfully romantic story that will take you right away to the snowy Italian Dolomite Alps. While reading, the characters really became alive in my head, so that I laughed and cried together with Carol, the heroine. In the end, I had almost fallen in love with the hero myself. The story starts with Carol's preparations for her sister's dream wedding. Carol is the head of "Carol's Cookie Company", and her preparations of the name-cards (alias gingerbread men and women) made my mouth water. But of course, in spite of Carol's perfect preparations, things don't always work out as planned . . . This was a happy and hilarious read that I devoured while sitting in a train. I only wish there was a second story with Carol + Tom + Natasha + Angelo, because I didn't feel like parting from these likeable characters so soon. However, I'm now looking forward to the other Christmas stories in this bundle!
  • 1 person found this review helpful

    1 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

    1 su 1 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

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    Lovely Christmas-filled Stories!!

    I have only read the first three stories but I tell you I can't wait to read the rest. Beautiful stories of love encompassed around the beautiful season of Christmas. What's not to love about that!! Book 1: Christmas Papa by Mona Risk Monica has enjoyed the happiness of her stepsisters, but she secretly wishes for her own happiness. Knowing that she will never have it. With twin boys all her own and the secret of their conception, she knows she can depend on no one but herself. But Michael has other plans. Michael is besotted with Monica. And he has to find a way to make her see that his attraction is more than just his playboy image. But with her boys as her priority she won't take a chance on him. Unless he finds a way to make her. With many differences and circumstances keeping them apart will they ever find themselves together as a family or destined to be apart? Book 2: Gingerbread Kisses by Beats Boeker I really loves this story!! Carol is a master when it comes to making gingerbread. So she I creating them for her sisters wedding in Italy. Bit she never expected to meet Tom or have him change her life. When Tom meets Carol he is unexpectedly surprised and attracted to her. As they begin to spend time together over her gingerbread men he begins to see what a beautiful person inside and out she is. But with her business in Boston and him in Italy it seems impossible. Can he enchant her with his Christmas wooing and ha e a chance of a future with her? Will Carol find her perfect man with the gingerbread kisses? Book 3: Boycotting Christmas by Melinda Curtis With fortune tellers and funny family problems this made fore a great holiday read! Nick has his young niece for Christmas and he's trying to make it perfect. But he knows nothing about how to celebrate the holiday. And he knows just the person to help him: Joy Encastle. Joy usually was all about Christmas, but with her ex best friend engaged to her dad she is boycotting. How can she say no though to Nick and his cutie niece Cindy. Maybe she can help him put on the perfect holiday without giving up her boycott. But the more time with Nick and she sees what her perfect holiday can be. And it begins and ends with Nick. Knowing he could never love her though, she has hardened her heart against him. Nick enjoys his time with Joy and realises that his perfect Christmas will be Joy forever. How to make her believe in his love and forgive her father and friend? He vows to help her as she has helped him.
  • 1 person found this review helpful

    1 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

    1 su 1 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

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    An Angel for Christmas

    A really nice, feel good Christmas story. After reading this tale I was left feeling happy and contented.

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