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    Wonderful thriller

    Emma Sinclair's brother, Brian, was sent to prison for murder. She is positive he is innocent so she has spent 18 months trying to prove it by interviewing witnesses and tracking down any lead she can find. She also tried to get a defense attorney to help her fight for a reversal but none would agree to take the case. That is until a video comes out of a deathbed confession by one of the detectives on the case changes everything. A young lawyer in one of Chicago's top law firms, Penny Hennings, approaches Emma about taking the case Pro Bono. Emma can't believe that someone is finally willing to pursue the case! Being a first year law student, Emma is working with Penny. The prosecution is Zac Hennings. Once he starts looking into the case, he sees a lots of irregularities that he knows he has to check out. This is an intriguing battle between brother and sister. As the state's attorney, Zac is assigned to keep Brian in prison and Penny is trying to free him. Wow! What a great story! It was so well written that I didn't want to put it down and had to keep reading to find out who the real killer was. There were so many twists and turns in this well researched novel that it kept me on my toes to keep track of all the bad/good guys. I loved it! The characters - they were terrific too. Emma is a strong motivated woman who worked endlessly to prove her brother's innocence. You have to love Zac. It was more important to him to find the truth than to win a case. But then we have Penny. What a hoot. She is a very smart lawyer but loved to annoy to her brother whenever she could. Which was often. The only things that didn't sit well with me was that Emma and Zac weren't able to control their attraction for each other. For such intelligent people, I expected more from them. Also, it was irritating to repeatedly hear how Emma hadn't been touched by a man in so long. This seemed to be her justification for interest in Zac. I was surprised that I didn't know who the bad guy actually was and didn't find out until right near the end. I'm so glad to have won this fantastic romantic suspense in a giveaway and highly recommend it.

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