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    Mix business and pleasure!

    Bathsheba Crawford is brilliant but plain-looking. When her parents died, she and her younger brother Daniel were left alone, and Daniel having been injured in the war, was unable to work, so Bathsheba put her talents to good use. The Crawfords had a printing business, Bathsheba had a talent for writing stories, and her first book was a smash hit. That’s also how she knew of Liam MacGregor, owner and publisher of the gossip sheet the London Intelligencer. Bathsheba and Liam were already business partners, and her stories are earning him big money. But Bathsheba comes to Liam with a most unusual proposal: she writes romances, but she needs more experience in the pleasures of the flesh to make her stories more realistic, and who but Liam to teach her, he’s a known rogue, after all. They get along well, she knows he will keep her secret – after all, he has never revealed that she is the author of passionate love stories – he’s the ideal candidate, isn’t he? THE SECRET OF MY SEDUCTION is the latest from the brilliant Caroline Linden, and given that it is part of the Scandals series, it’s a treat for everyone that the book reads as a standalone without a problem. Ms. Linden delights us again with quite an unconventional pair, as both Bathsheba and Liam flout conventions, if not openly. He is the one to be a tad reluctant at Bathsheba’s scandalous offer, but he is a gentleman, and inasmuch as he doesn’t want her to seek other men, he does come to fancy her, more than he thought. Bathsheba and Liam share terrific banter; they are both clever, they respect each and understand each other. THE SECRET OF MY SEDUCTION is a novella, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well fleshed out the characters were, and they both have full backstories. I was a bit sad at how little Bathsheba thinks of her appearance, how she accepts being dull and plain, how she relishes it even, even though it serves her purpose to remain somewhat invisible, being firmly on the shelf and having given hope of finding true love. Caroline Linden’s writing is as lush and beautiful as ever, and she sweeps the reader in the very sensuous mood of the book. In spite of the theme, I was a bit surprised at how much sex there is in THE SECRET OF MY SEDUCTION, but it is gorgeously depicted, and not gratuitous in the least. THE SECRET OF MY SEDUCTION is a glorious example that you can mix pleasure with business! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
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    Grazie per i commenti.

    Read really quickll with immense pleasure.

    I've received this eArc in exchange for an honest review. After reading a small novella by Caroline Linden in Dressed to Kiss, I knew I had a new author to follow. When the opportunity to read this book came up, I didn’t hesitate. The Secret of my Seduction has a very appropriate title because that’s all the book is about. The seduction of…is it of Bathsheba Crawford, the main female character, or could it be the seduction of Liam MacGregor? It’s true that it’s Bathsheba the one who proposes that Liam teaches her flirtation and seduction, but, it’s Liam that, even though he finds it odd that the author of erotic romances needs to come to him for advice, accepts her proposal, “for business sake”. I really liked their chemistry, the fact that they had already known each other for some time, not just “love at first sight”, but something that grew between them. There were some seduction lessons and my only con against the book is…. how short it is! I wanted their relationship to be a bit more developed, more explored, in every way. The amount that was given, I really liked it, but I wanted more, that’s why I’m not giving it a higher score. It was a book that I read really quickly and that gave me immense pleasure to read.

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