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    Wonderful Story

    "Do Something you've never done before..." One of the many instructions her father had written for her to live life. Francesca had decided to make the journey to her godmother, the Duchess of Sutton's house party, after the Duchess had visited her and given her a letter her father had written before his mind had started to go. She missed him so much, but even after his death it seemed he was still looking out for her. Even picking out the man he thought would make her a good match. A man that would take care of her. As much as she did not want to go, the duchess had sent her carriage and she was off to meet a potential bridegroom. Unfortunately the weather was bad and the axle broke on the carriage and she was stranded until the driver could go find help. She decided she had to go find shelter or she would freeze to death and she was not ready to die. Latham was miserable and alone. One stupid mistake and he was now guilty of treason and had lost his job with the home office, along with his family disowning him. Living in a rundown place suited him fine. But when he heard someone at the door and it seemed breaking in, he decided he did not want to die that day. When a woman fell into his kitchen looking frozen from the snow, then a pistol pointed at him, he went on the offense. That woman was Francesca, who was desperate to find help rather than freeze to death in the carriage. Maybe I have said too much but I wanted to give you a taste and set up the story. This magnificent story that held so many emotions of these two amazing characters that Christi Caldwell created. I was there with them, feeling the cold, the despair, the lack of trust Latham had since being duped by trusting the wrong person. The almost broken man who had not had anything to smile about. Then there was Franny. She was a spinster in her own mind, never having been courted or a marriage proposal. The perfect tale of an unexpected coming together of two people and how they change each other and slowly build something that warmed my heart. Be prepared to not be able to put this one down once you begin the first page. Of course that goes without saying. This book is by Chrisi. Yes, that says it all!
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    A realistic emotionally touching romance

    What a story!!! I could not put the book down. Page after page filled with human tragedy, death, final wishes, complacent acceptance of what would never be until a snowstorm brought two people shunned by society and the ton for different reasons. The h was thirty a spinster and had given up on marriage and family. She was considered odd by her contemporaries. She thought differently, she spoke differently, acted differently, dressed differently; basically, she was kind of eccentric and not really accepted by the ton. But she was on the whole a happy content person. Until her godmother showed up one day at her door. A few months before the h lost her father. Months later her godmother came to give the final letter he wrote to her. He wanted to be sure she enjoyed life and was secure. He gave her a bucket list and setup an arranged marriage. On her way to her godmother's house party to meet her suitor her carriage drove into a severe snow storm. Left to her own devices she struggled through the night and found an old home and sought entry. She did not know someone lived there. Her first encounter with the H was hysterical. Once they got past that. He let her stay on the condition she would leave on the morrow. Now the H's story was tragic. He was fired from a job he loved because he trusted the wrong person and wanted recognition from his superiors. He was flayed by the newspapers and the gossip among the ton was so horrendous that even his parents turned their back to him. Cut him off. He removed himself from society and was living reclusively in the country in a dilapidated house. His demeanor mirrored his own loathing for the mistake he made that had made him lose the only thing of value in his life. His job. He needed redemption and he thought if he could make himself useful to his old employer maybe they would take him back. In the meantime, he became a shadow of his former self and was now surly, rude and uncaring. When the h stepped into his home, he told her to get out. She did not leave. Over several days they slowly got to know one another. He was taken aback by her compassion and acceptance of him just as he was and wanted nothing more. He in return talked to her about her father's last wishes and gave her a different perspective on how to fulfill them. Then real life interrupted them and it seemed that all they were building between them was turning into ash. A truly emotionally moving story. I loved the characters and all their peculiarities. I loved how honest and open they were with each other. It was so easy to identify with their emotions and thoughts; very realistic. A must read. You will not be disappointed. I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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