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  • How to earn money from what you really like

    Yoshi Takahashi ...
    This is a book for the person who like to earn money from what he/she likes and this is normally difficult in the actual life.In this book, we describe the way to start your micro business as a experimen first without quitting the current job.Also, we point out how to find out what is your "THE JOB", that means what you really like. Because we believe you have the biggest chance in it! ... Read more

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  • Monkey Money

    天野 瑰 ...
    ※コミックス【Monkey Business】(電子書籍)から分冊して、1話のみでまとめたものです。ヤクザ&刑事✕サルベージ屋闇社会の手形回収を生業にしているサルベージ屋・湊の事務所に、湊の理想・可愛い山田さん(♂)がやってきた! 手形をなくした友人(どう見ても極道)が困っていて、24時間以内に2億円を回収してほしいという。無理な依頼を湊はいったん断るが、「助けてくれたら何でもしてあげる!」と山田さんにお願いされてしまって!?金と欲望が渦巻く男たちのハードボイルドラブストーリー。 ... Read more

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  • オーディオブック

    Money (JAPANESE)

    L. Ron Hubbard ...
    ナレーター: Golden Era Productions ...


    1 時間 22

    It is the thing everybody is after. If you didn’t have something that everybody was after, then you wouldn’t have any game.And so we get down to one of the most fundamental agreements of our present society: that money is something everybody is after and very few people have. —L. Ron HubbardMoney is, of course, something with which everyone is familiar. But how many people truly understand the ... Read more

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