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  • 8 person fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    8 personer fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    8 av 8 personer fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    Takk for din tilbakemelding!

    Twice In A Blue Moon

    Not the typical rom-com we have all come to expect and love from this duo author team but it is a contemporary second chance romance with some angst thrown in with all the witty banter from the secondary characters that kept me turning the pages way too late at night. Tate has just turned 18 and on a vacation in London with her Nana for two weeks before off to college when on their first night they met another duo from the states, a handsome young man and his grandfather. A whirlwind romance and Tate and Sam share secrets and, yep, firsts, and just when things are getting good the paparazzi shows up and soon her secrets are out and everyone knows she is the daughter of a movie star who has been in hiding for years. Fast forward 14 years and we find out Tate has settled into the career she has always wanted, acting, and now is going to star in a feature film with her dad in a supporting role and guess who is the screenwriter...that's right...Sam. Will they be able to get past this? Should they? Oh, the feels in this one. I could not turn the pages fast enough and found myself cursing having to stop and work. I definitely recommend this one! **Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
  • 3 person fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    3 personer fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    3 av 3 personer fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    Takk for din tilbakemelding!

    Artfully written!!!!

    This book was definitely one of my favorite books today!! It's my first book by Christina Lauren, and I'll definitely be going back for more!!!! Her writing is done so beautifully and so well! I feel like I'm reading a piece of true literature. I really love when we get two parts to a story, a now and a then. Christina did this so beautifully!!!! When Sam & Tate met in London, it was so adorable. I loved the way she wrote their blooming romance. Their type of "insta-love" was so special, and so memorable. Who doesn't want to travel abroad and fall in love? Then, the insane heartbreak that followed, oh how my heart hurt for Tate!!! Each of these single moments were written as if we were a tourist traveling with them, from the moment her and Nana got to the hotel, to when she met Sam & Luther, to after Sam & Luther left. Every moment, every scene, just written so perfectly. Now for the characters, Tate blew me away. I love how she has this past that no one knows about and how Sam is this farm boy who was saved. They seemed just so perfect for each other. Fast-forward years later, I equally love them as adults. Tate has grown into absolutely everything she wanted to be, and then we get this insane wrench thrown in the works with Sam. This wrench was EVERYTHINGGGGG. The movie that we see Tate do is life-changing, career-changing, it's a piece of art. To see everything that went into it was so special, but it was also special to see Tate in the role. Sam was absolutely everything I'd hoped for. He's this rugged man, who also followed his dream. It just couldn't have been more perfect. Also, soooo aptly named title! The scenery in this book really blew me away. From the touristy things in London, to the farm on the photo shoot, to just about everything. I really felt like I was feeling the fire that Tate felt while filming, I felt like I was laying in the grass with them, I mean just everything was there! It was truly a big part of what made this book so special! I have to say, I cannot wait to read more of their books. I can't believe it took me this long, but it definitely won't be my last!
  • 1 person fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    1 personer fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    1 av 1 personer fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    Takk for din tilbakemelding!

    Second Chance at Happiness

    This book started off so slow and boring that I nearly quit reading it. I'm glad that I persevered. Once the book got to the 'today' area, it was a knockout. As a romance and more-so as Women's Fiction, this story has great depth and emotional range. I was pleasantly surprised and plan on reading more of this author's work. I received this ARC book for free from Net Galley and this is my honest review.
  • 1 person fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    1 personer fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    1 av 1 personer fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    Takk for din tilbakemelding!

    Free-Range, Bottomless Love

    There is just something about young love that gets me every time. The giddy feeling and invincible hopefulness that only first love can create. Second chance romances that start like this are always my catnip. Twice in a Blue Moon definitely delivers on this (as well as on the forced proximity trope), but I wouldn't necessarily classify this book as a romance. It certainly has romantic elements and a large part of the story focuses on romantic love, but an equally large part focuses on the love of family (blood related and not) and the sacrifices and lengths we will go for those we love. I really enjoyed seeing Sam and Tate's relationship begin and how the whirlwind of young love consumes them. The chapters in the past were written so beautifully that I couldn't help but be swept up in their love too. It was so relatable and Christina Lauren captured the excitement, uncertainty, and wonder of first love so well. Just as quickly as it begins though, it all comes crashing down. 14 years pass before the stars realign for Sam and Tate and circumstances push them together again. The connection they shared all those years ago is just as strong and I liked how they were able to get to know these older and somewhat wiser versions of each other. There are some wonderful (and not so wonderful) secondary characters in the book, specifically Charlie, Marco, and Ian. Charlie is the BFF we all wish we had and Marco is the rock that will see you through anything. Ian was perfectly despicable and the fact that I wanted to throttle him several times in the book shows how well written his character was. The ending of the book felt a little rushed and my greedy heart really wanted an epilogue, but I loved how the story came full circle. Twice in a Blue Moon left me smiling ear to ear. *I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book*
  • 0 person fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    0 personer fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    0 av 0 personer fant denne anmeldelsen nyttig

    Takk for din tilbakemelding!

    Fantastic second chance love story!

    Tate Jones has spent most of her life living in a quiet little town with her mom and nana, and away from her famous actor dad. After graduating from high school, Tate's nana takes her to London for a two week vacation. While they are there, they meet Sam Brandis and his grandfather, Luther. While spending time with Sam, Tate is very drawn to him and starts sneaking away to spend alone time with him. Tate has fallen in love with Same and eventually confides all of her secrets to him. Of course this ends up blowing up in her face. Fourteen years later, Tate is a famous actress and is going to star in a new movie that has a lot of Oscar buzz where she will also be working with her father for the first time. Imagine Tate's surprise when she sees Sam on the set. Even though he broke her heart, she is drawn to him. It will take a lot of conversations for these two to get to a better understanding of each other and over time it just might make them fall in all over again. I just LOVED this story and could not put it down. I cannot even begin to imagine the type of life Tate has had to live. Even through it all, she has come out as such a strong and fragile character at the same time. I also just adored Sam. It was hard to stay mad at him after you hear what happened and why. Together these two just brought out the best in each other. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this book. Read it....you will not be sorry!

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