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    Kept me guessing

    I'm a romance genre girl through and through. When I saw that this was Nalini Singh, I knew I needed to give this book a try even though I hesitate at the genre. I'm really glad that I did. From the first chapter this book captured my attention and held. The writing is phenomenal. It doesn't matter what genre this author writes, she knows how to captivate. I think because I knew going in that this was a thriller, I really focused on everything I learned about all the characters that were introduced. I wanted to be able to make my guesses about who did it. Nalini did a great job giving us readers enough doubts about everyone that it did leave me guessing until the end. She also made feel enough for some of these characters that I was practically begging that they weren't the culprit. One particular person would have devastated me but that's only because of how it would have affected others. The author did give us a little bit of romance to enjoy in this book. I made myself think about if I would have liked this as much if it didn't have that small part to round things out. My conclusion, while Nalini Singh may have just opened me up to a new genre to enjoy, I still think I need that romance to feel satisfied at the end of a good read.
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    0 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

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    Small Town Mysteru

    Ummm….WOW! I have to start with that since it is the thought that just came coming back into my head with every word I read, every page I turned, and every chapter I started. The thing that pulled me in from the beginning is the setting of New Zealand. I dream of visiting there and I love to read books set there. Golden Cove is a beautiful setting for this book. I love the small, off the beaten path town. The people there were neighbors, friends, and family. The gossip ran wild but most importantly they stick up for each other, protect each other, and love each other. Anahera and Will’s interactions were interesting. I was intrigued to see if they would become friends or foes. I could feel the mutual attraction but I was not sure that would be enough for them. Anahera knew the town and the town people and Will had the knowledge to enforce the law, follow the clues, and solve crimes. Will had no prejudices since he was new to town where Anahera had feelings towards the town people. I have to say that I had ideas, I started at the beginning and paid close attention to who was talked about, what was said, and who said it. I should have taken notes because I am sure I forgot some of the clues but I did have an idea who dun-it. A Madness of Sunshine is a book I’d recommend to anyone who loves small town mysteries. Nalini Singh wrote a great book that pulled me in from the very beginning with her amazing setting and wonderful characters.

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