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    Fun, sweet, and charming

    Fun, sweet, charming. Those words come to mind when I think about this book. It is a perfect addition to the highly successful Balls to the Wall series. It features the twins Robin and Bobby also known as Double Trouble. Identical and different at the same time. They have had their days of fun, but they are ready to settle down. At least Bobby is. Robin is not so sure. The decision is made when they meet Micah and Paolo. It is written in the quintessential Tara Lain style with joyful banter, great characters, and hot sex. I loved the characters. Bobby is a bouncing, bubbly ball of happiness and sunshine. Robin is the more serious and darker twin, selfless to a fault. They find their perfect match in Micah and Paolo. Two men who are also very different from each other with their own traits and just as good portrayed as the twins. And no, it is not a foursome. Robin and Bobby both have their own happily ever after. In the meantime, mistaken identities and seeing what you expect to see make for some whimsical situations which are at times hilarious. Not all is fun and laughter though. I had some teary eyes as well caused by problematic family relations and uncovered secrets from the past. Combine this with the presence of all their friends of the previous books, and you have a delightful book in your hands. The more I read about Laguna Beach, the more I want to move there. It is a happy place.

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