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    Waffling between 3-3.5 stars

    Cowboys Don’t Come Out is a hard book to review. Despite having issues with the writing style, instalove, and some extreme cheesiness, I liked the characters and their story. Both the narrator and author were new to me, so I went in not really knowing what to expect, but the story held my attention and the narrator delivered a solid performance. Beginning with a standard enough plotline, Cowboys Don’t Come Out features two closeted men who meet while one is vacationing and form an immediate connection. Both Rand and Kai have their own reasons for not coming out and the explanations make sense rather than feeling like a convenient plot point. I found both men incredibly likable and admirable in their own rights, especially Kai’s commitment to his siblings. However, the romance between them is a bit rushed due to the accelerated timeline and would have benefited from more development. I missed that emotional chemistry that takes time to foster. While lacking some depth, it is difficult to not root for these two and I enjoyed the somewhat unexpected path their romance takes. Writing style wise, I’d characterize the tone as casual. The pace is brisk, but the conflicts all resolve completely by the end of the book. Where it fell apart for me was the inner monologues. There are a lot of them in which the characters chastise or argue with themselves. While this sufficiently shows Rand and Kai’s inner turmoil over coming out and pursuing a relationship, excessive inner dialogue isn’t my favorite. Worse, this style really doesn’t work for audiobooks. It is difficult to track what is said aloud or in the characters’ heads at times and just makes for an awkward listening experience. My only other major issue is the cheese factor. Obviously this is completely a matter of personal opinion, but I found myself rolling my eyes at the excessive cowboy jokes and innuendoes, as well as some of the internal commentary from Rand and Kai. While I certainly have some issues with the stylistic choices of Cowboys Don’t Come Out, I can’t deny that I liked the characters and story. I remained invested in Kai’s and Rand’s personal situations and romantic connection throughout the book. The narrator uses a good tone and speed and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to listen to him again. I think readers and listeners looking for a sweet romance with likable characters will enjoy this title, I just think that I would read this versus listen to it. *Reviewed audiobook for Alpha Book Club*
  • 0 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    0 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    0 van de 0 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

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    Cowboys Dont Come Out

    Such a feel good read! Really loved this one but wish Kia and Rand had a few more sexy time together!

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