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  • A Tale Featuring The Villain

    An extrodinary and a must read book. This is the first book that I have read that features the villain , Queen Levana as its protagonist. Fairest focuses the story from the villian's perspective. WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY MAKE YOU PITY LEVANA [ THIS DOES NOT APPLY FOR ALL READERS.] I hope you enjoy the book too.

    Bedankt voor je feedback!

    23 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    23 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    23 van de 23 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

  • The evil queen's story

    This book was great. It showed what we hadn't seen of Levanain the books of the lunar chronicle. [Note: to read after " Cinder" , "Scarlet" , "Cress" and "Winter".] Though a little 'ishey' at parts, this book is wrote brilliantly and keeps you waiting. [Note: Compared to the books of the chronical mentionned above, it is a rather short read: Only 204 pages for the lenght of the chunk of story, with a good 50 pages with short-ish previews to other books by Meyer.] Any ways, have a good read!

    Bedankt voor je feedback!

    16 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    16 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    16 van de 18 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

  • Great read

    I really enjoyed this book! Levana is a character that you love to hate and it is interesting to see her life through her point of view. This is certainly not a there are two sides to a story and you will like this character kind of book. Throughout the story, we learn the reason behind her hiding herself under a veil (as seen in previous Lunar Chronicles novels) and her disdain for everything reflective. We also meet her older sister Channary, who is quite a horrible, vicious person. Although Levana isn't a very likable character, you can sympathize with her in the beginning as her story unfolds and witness just how cruel Channary is. You also receive a great understanding of how Levana got to be who she is and how twisted her perception of reality is. I'm certain that readers will also enjoy learning how characters Cinder and Winter come to play a major role in Levana's life and what she is willing to do to get her way.

    Bedankt voor je feedback!

    10 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    10 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    10 van de 10 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

  • Excellent Villain Origin Story

    I think it's safe to say that nobody is a fan of Levana, but I'm not going to lie: Her origin story is spectacular. It's everything you could ask for in a villain origin: Tragic, brutal, memorable, romantic, and even a little sympathetic. Yes, I almost felt sympathy for LEVANA. The key word being "almost." Turns out she's a very twisted and damaged character, the product of failed nurturing more than nature. She's humiliated by her sister, in love with someone she can't have, and completely believing that her ideas are the best for Luna. With this story, she is completely fascinating and this is one of my favourite story lines of the entire series. One thing I loved was her relationship with the man she's obsessively in love with, Evret. Their relationship is broken and complicated and gives more than a few gut punches. It was like watching a car crash. There were also more hints at what life was like for younger versions of Winter, Cinder, and Jacin, which makes me hope to see more of them in the future. Bottomline, this is a must read for anyone invested in THE LUNAR CHRONICLES, and not a story to be missed by anyone who likes villain origin stories.

    Bedankt voor je feedback!

    8 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    8 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    8 van de 9 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

  • Awesomeeeee!

    This book hit the top ranks, right up there with Harry Potter. It touches a spot in your heart. Its sad but wonderful. You should 1000% read it. Also, honestly, girls will probably appreciate 'Fairest' better than boys.

    Bedankt voor je feedback!

    1 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    1 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    1 van de 1 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

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