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    I want to read this book right now but it will not let me read it come on I am about to report this thing come on stupid thing number one is good I just finished it and I want to read it now I am sorry I am typing such a long review but I am just telling you about this book if you want to get the book so just to recap I am typing this Telly long review message to tell you about tho book that looks incredibly I wonder how many books there are in this series and I am weighting this relly long message review to reach 0 words that I can type so my name is James an if any of you dumb people can read this message this far than congrats for you you are not as dumb as I thought every one was so I like pie I made that up and every one is trying to steal it from me and my name is not James or John or what ever I put my name is Noah and I live in Ohio so I anybody wants to beat me up than post it on the web I am always on the Internet so don't hate the player hate the game suckers oh yah I you think you smarter than me you might be cause I am in 6th grade and I go to school at robms middle school and you might be reading this and you might be in collage or you might be someone else that I can not think of you at the moment but you know what I mean but if you do not than you are the dumbest people on earth right now I am in side trying to to get a Schollor ship to a collage why you are in side watching t.v.or watching an old movie or a new movie but Noah out peace oh yah I am 11years old

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