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    Nail Biting Good Final Book in the Series

    Summary: Meira has quickly learner to rid the world of Angra and the decay, she might have to pay the ultimate price. When a mysterious stranger, of a likewise mysterious order steps forward and offers to help, Meira jumps at it. The solution to stopping the decay and defeating Angra lies in a labyrinth that she can not enter alone. Meanwhile Ceridwen and Mather's Thaw will try to hold back Angra's forces in hopes of giving Meira the time she needs. Who will Meira choose to enter the labyrinth with her? Can Meira defect Angra and rid the world of magic? Will Ceridwen finally take action to save her kingdom and the man she loves? Characters: Meira (Dear Heart), Winter's Queen, a warrior and Winter's Royal Conduit Rares, a leader in the Order of the Lustrate. Meira's new magic mentor. Mather, a Winter Lord, a warrior, grew up with Meira, Sir is his father. Children of the Thaw: Mather, Leader Phil Hollis Feige Kiefer Trace Eli Conall Angra, Spring's King, the one responsible for unleashing the decay. Ceridwen, Summer's new Queen, a strong warrior Jesse, Ventralli's King Nessa, a Winterian, Meira's most trusted friend Quotes: We are our own magic. -Meira "But if you choose everyday to love yourself no matter what - then dear heart nothing can stop you."- Rares "Angra wanted to break me. But he only made me unbreakable." - Meira Final Thoughts: Great final book in the Snow Like Ashes trilogy. Rares and Oana quickly became my favorite characters. Frost like Night is a fast paced fantasy with excellent action scenes. Loved the ending very romantic. All three covers in the series were amazingly beautiful.

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