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  • 1 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    1 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    1 van de 1 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

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    My heart is beating fast!!!

    My heart is still beating fast. This was an awesome read, full of action and suspense. As always my favorite Russian does not disappoint me. Rytsar the sadist with the biggest heart. When he was hurting I was hurting I wanted to cry I was so invested the story. But by the time he was being rescued I wasn't sure how I felt because another of my favorites (Wallace aka Faelan) was hurt and I'm felling some type of way. It could have went another way. Still on the fence. But it doesn't change how much I love the book and the story. I love the sexy threesomes between Brie, Sir Davis and Rytsar as always and I cant wait until Sir Davis is on his feet again. Oh my Brie and her fantasies are super hot!!!. I want Rystar to find another that he can fall in love with. He's too good to be alone. Bring on Sir Davis's POV up next.
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    0 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

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    It was about time he returned!

    I have read Brie's stories from the first single publication until now. This book is not quite as kinky as the rest. Instead it tells about unspeakable horrors, brotherhood, love and honour. Bravery and sacrifice in the most unexpected places, unconditional devotion, and old as well as renewed friendships Of course there are quite sumptuously steamy reunion scenes. No Brie/Sir/Rytsar story could be without them. But the best balm for my outraged sensibilities was the satisfying revenge of old and new atrocious wrongs.
  • 0 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    0 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    0 van de 0 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

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    The life and tragedies of Rystar

    Title: Her Russian Returns - Brie's Submission Series Book 15 Author: Red Phoenix Publisher: Provocative Romance Published: August 27th, 2017 Pages: 274 Genre: Erotica Sub-Genre: Romance, BDSM, Thriller, Suspense, Ménage, Sadism, Violence ISBN: 978062994584 ASIN: B0736B8JVN Reviewed For Red Phoenix Reviewer: DelAnne Rating: 4.75 Stars This read is strictly for readers over the age of 18. Strong explicit sexual scenes and violence. If this offends you then you need to find another book, but you will have missed one heck of a good story that continues to grown and expand with each new addition. The story opens shortly after Rystar has been kidnapped. He awakens in a plane in flight, bruised with severe physical injuries. Tormented by one assailant while feigning unconsciousness. He believes he is being taken to the stronghold of the Koslov brothers, the same two who with the aide of his father killed his mother. Both are insane and high on their power in the Russian Mafia. When he fails to entertain them with their continued torture because of his injuries they throw him into a cold underground cell. Existing only on the little water they force on him so that he will take longer to die and suffer longer. Befriended by a stray that visits him each night, Rystar awaits the sweet release of death. Yet his friends from the Centre have not given up on him and plat a way to gain his release. The cost is high and not just in monetary value. Rystar's need for vengeance grows as does his desire to see Thane, still lies recovering in a hospital and Brie, his radost moya. This story delves deeper into what made Rystar the man and Dom he is. Although it is always best to read the series from the beginning to get all the nuances, "Her Russian return can be read and enjoyed on its own, but not without some gaps. If you truly do not want to start at the beginning I would go back to at least book 13, Her Russian Knight, but I stand by recommendation of reading the series in its entirety. Mostly because it is that good and a series not to be missed. Many of the scenes are very intense and graphic in their sensual content. Hence the age restriction. Rystar's life has never been easy but we do begin to see a healing of his spirit. Erotica at its best by a very talented author. My rating of "Her Russian Returns" is 4.75 out of 5 stars.
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    0 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    0 van de 0 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

    Bedankt voor je feedback!

    The Lover Returns!!!!

    ***I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book*** Who doesn't need a hot and steamy read – I know I'm always up for a sexy and steamy book to read particularly on the weekends. This is part of a serialized book although you don't have to read the other books but it would help you to further enjoy and appreciate the story more. It's about love, hope, friendship, pain, suffering, and the horror that only people are capable of visiting on others. One definition of love to me is that you nurture and protect those that you love. It's not something that you even have to think about it’s a part of you just like breathing. In this installment you learn more about Rystar's abduction, what he went through. Rystar's rescue from his capture though dangerous and a committed team of caring friends to willingly take the risk. Despite the risks all goes as expected and Rystar is returned to Sir and Brie. The reunion between the three is steamy, and bittersweet. If you haven't read any of the books you'll get a taste of what went before through Rystar's flashbacks. A lot happens in this book and it will keep you wondering what's next for the three of them? Will there be any issues that will arise from Rystar's experience? Is there a change coming for the trio and if so what??? You'll get your hot and steamy fix from this book that is for sure so get your copy and join the rest of us.

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