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  • Loved this book

    I loved this book. On the surface this book it appears deceptively simple – almost \too good to be true. But it packs a strong energetic punch. I felt that energy directly in my body as I was reading – and I have found that within 24 hours, the simple affirmations in the book have lifted my mood and taken me to a more peaceful place (and I’ve never had much luck with affirmations before). I’ve done a fair bit of work and study in manifestation, energy and yogic philosophy. The belief system that underpins this book is different, unusual and very simple; yet it gave me the sense that it will work (where many books do the opposite) I loved the prose style – it flowed smoothly, I loved the structure– it all seemed to fall into place very elegantly, and loved that the length was perfect and not padded unnecessarily. Great little book

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