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    SEAL Romance

    One Night with a SEAL by Tawny Weber and Beth Andrews Twin brothers, Zane and Xander, have always been competitive. Both became SEALs though they did so in different ways and are now on opposite sides of the USA. With a ten year reunion to bring them both home, their old gang to hang out with and the mandatory challenge to the Bennett brothers the race is on…although both believe the day of challenges and dares should be long behind them…especially dares that deal with women. The dare: Which Bennett brother will take Quinn, the princess, to the reunion. ALL OUT by Tawny Weber tells the story of Zane and his rather lackluster pursuit of the Quinn. Why lackluster? Because he meets Vivian and that puts paid to his interest in challenges…mostly. Quinn has dreams but likes comfort and is afraid to reach out for what she really wants. Zane shows her in more ways than one that she may need to do more than think about dreams to make them come true. ALL IN by Beth Andrews tells the story of Xander, the quieter twin. He had a crush on Quinn in high school and might never have acted on his feelings without the dare to do so. Quinn is now divorced, distrusts men and is trying to figure out what to do with her future. She is attracted to Xander but expects the worst and believes he will hurt her. Still, might it be worth the chance to trust him since he does seem so trustworthy? As you may imagine – the Dare creates havoc for both of the Bennett brothers before they reach a HEA or HFN ending to this novella duet. Great read and oh so much fun! Highly recommend it. Thank you to the author for the ARC - This is my honest review. 4 Stars
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    Boys will be boys ...

    Boys will be boys and Ms. Weber and company can tempt, taut and stir up emotion with the best of them. A bet between brothers sets the stage for all types of fireworks. One Night With a Seal turns flirting into an art form and passion into the ultimate prize. Double the pleasure equals twice the fun. All Out by Tawny Weber - Zane oozes sex appeal. Two things he lives for are women and pushing his twin's buttons. Why not combine the two and really stir things up? What starts out as a sure thing for Zane, ends up pointing him in a new direction. Will his heart outweigh besting his brother? All In by Beth Andrews - Good guys always finish last. Xander and his gentlemanly ways are constantly upstaged by his more flamboyant brother, but things are about to change. Can challenging his brother, lead Xander to his heart's desire?
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    Hot, Sexy and Fun Read!

    Off the charts hot, sexy, fun and highly entertaining adventure with not just one, but two, count them two hot as all get out SEALs that just happen to be twin brothers and the sexy, sassy women that capture their hearts. All Out by Tawny Weber Navy SEAL Zane Bennett is stationed in California but returns home for his 10 year high school reunion in the small town he and his twin brother grew up in and accepting challenges was a way of life for them an their life long buddies. Then the unexpected happened and her name is Vivian Harris. All In by Beth Andrews Navy SEAL Xander Bennett is stationed out of Virginia and is home for the same 10 year reunion. He is expecting the same all out fun as always and crazy challenges that their group always come up with during their visit. What he never anticipated was facing his long hidden unrequited feelings for one Quinn Oswald to get tangled in a dare for a date with her to the reunion dance. Loved both short and sweet stories with lots of awesome family and friends.

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