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    Awesome Read

    What a delicious little novella from one of my absolute favorite goto authors! Josh Lanyon's Plenty of Fish is a wonderful tale of friendship, discovery, realization, and love. Finn and Blair have been besties nearly forever, they've seen good times and bad, they've supported each other, and they've also let go a couple of times of what wasn't meant to be(or so they thought). There's been some distance between them and neither are happy about it so when the opportunity to get back to what they had surfaces they jump at it. After all, as Finn says ". . . what made a day like this so special was that there wasn't an endless supply of them" those are the days we realize what is really important in life. I don't want to give any spoilers away so I'll just say that when a story, short or long, makes you appreciate life as well as entertain the bones off you, well you found a winner.

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