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  • Who is Mia?

    I was needing some escapism and this book filled that need perfectly! Mia is being released from the hospital after she has after a head injury. The only issue is that she has no idea who she is, where she lives or anything else about her life. Having been admitted wearing a Prada dress gives her an idea that she might have a rather pleasant life, she uses her phone to go through her Instagram to get a clue about her life. Between Instagram and Uber she slowly starts to put the puzzle together. She goes to a lovely pink house where the key in her purse opens the door. She is met by Max who doesn’t know her but claims to be housesitting for the owner, JP. Mia looks for evidence she lives there but it seems that while she does stay there it is not her home. Some of the story is very light hearted, there is mystery involved and I found it very captivating.

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