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  • I was surprised by this book. After hearing the initial reviews that it wasn't anything like Harry potter and it was full of foul language, my expectations were low. However, j.k. Rowling tells a gripping story about life for children from a disadvantaged background and the challenges they face daily. Excellent read!

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    6 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    6 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    6 van de 7 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

  • As a big Harry Potter fan I was unsure what to expect from J.K. Rowling in her first adult novel. Although The Casual Vacancy was very different to the adventures at Hogwarts, the vividness of Rowling's writing and the characters she weaves together in the small town of Pagford kept me hooked and still thinking about the novel after I was 100% complete. The story brings to life characters who you may wish you had never met but as the book progresses you begin to see into the thoughts and the reasons behind the many actions that have teens rebelling against their parents and the system. I was transported to a small town in England in a way I had never been before and although there were painful moments, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

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    4 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    4 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    4 van de 4 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

  • This was not the magic stuff of Harry Potter, but I was captivated by her writing nonetheless. Despite the characters being wholly unlikeable, they were so vivid, as JK Rowling seems to excel at. The plot left me feeling often awkward and uncomfortable, however, I was still intrigued to read on all the time and I was satisfied with the ending.

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    3 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    3 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    3 van de 3 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

  • Often ugly and raw, The Casual Vacancy is not what I expected. Thank goodness. Life in the little town of Pagford and its ugly neighbour, Yarvil, is examined with an uncomfortably close focus. The characters are flawed and generally unlikable, and are presented in an almost documentary style manner. Their interweaving lives are messy and a there is a palpable sense of desperation. A gripping and rewarding read.

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    2 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    2 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

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  • Initially the premise of the story sounds a little far fetched - 2 towns that have been fighting over council borders for more than 50 years, however J.K. Rowling weaves her particular magic as the story progresses to draw the reader in. The story is less about the political argument and more a commentary on modern day England and how people can fall through the cracks of a society. Her empathy for the characters and how people can end up in particular circumstances is also insightful. The story continues to gather momentum with an ending that is both expected and unexpected. It also raises the question about the value of local councils and what they actually contribute to the growth and development of communities. A definite recommended read and without a trace of fantasy or make believe in it.

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    1 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    1 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

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