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    Awesome Combination

    I loved how all 4 books tied in, in small ways, to each other. All 4 authors did an amazing job and I loved all 4 stories, which isn't normal with me. I usually like at least 2-3 but tolerate 1. Not the case this time!
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    0 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    0 van de 0 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

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    Four splendid stories!

    Four extremely gifted historical romance authors have combined their efforts in this fabulous anthology, definitely one of the best ever. The four stories take place at celebrations commissioned by the Prince Regent to celebrate his birthday as well as the Victory at Waterloo. And I was particularly impressed at how the stories all fit so well together; the authors worked really hard at establishing the continuity, especially when it comes to Ms. Galen and Ms. Kelly. TAKEN BY THE DUKE by Shana Galen Ms. Galen is in spectacular form, her dialogues are a marvel, and I she had me enthralled and guessing from the start at why all this was happening. Kate and Henry were once in love, but things have changed too much to rekindle their romance; or have they? There is a lot of substance in TAKEN BY THE DUKE, a lot of action, and much heartache caused by class differences. At one point I feared someone was going to opt to do something I wouldn’t like, but Ms. Galen handled that prickly situation with extraordinary finesse and intelligence! TAKEN BY THE DUKE is a marvellous story, and I would not have expected any less from one of my favourite authors! THE PRODIGAL DUKE by Theresa Romain Theresa Romain did her homework on ropewalking, and she made it quite exciting! Leo is a charming rogue, but Poppy’s backstory is heartbreaking, and they do make a most wonderful couple. The ever delightful Theresa Romain spins a tale so touching, and characters so endearing that I was hurting for them. Ms. Romain peppers her tale with some very witty dialogue, and some of the exchanges had me laughing out loud, and paints a vivid picture of the masquerade and the Vauxhall Gardens. THE PRODIGAL DUKE is a concentrated novel, the characters display unusual depth, there are lovely moments, scary moments, a revolting villain, and O my, the romance! What a perfectly wonderful romance it is! FIGHTING FOR HIS LADY by Christi Caldwell I loved Ms. Caldwell’s spin on the duke becoming a fighter against his family’s wishes, but how Godrick, the former god of the pugilists, is adept at putting his foot in his mouth, or rather staying mute at the wrong moment! At first, I thought he was mainly cold and mean, but he’s just powerless in front of his mistakes. And poor, brave, noble Patience, how my heart ached for her! The author shows with much care the immensely complicated dynamics between the Storms and Godrick. It’s not easy for Patience and Godrick to be reunited at first, and even worse when the ugly ghosts from the past resurface to threaten a romance just about to be rekindled. Christi Caldwell’s knowledge of Regency pugilism is extremely impressive, and she made me feel I was watching the fight along with the crowd. Elegantly written and filled with raw emotion, FIGHTING FOR HIS LADY is a quiet and heartwrenching romance that ends in a gloriously beautiful epilogue that will leave you sighing with pleasure. THE BUCCANEER DUKE by Vanessa Kelly Dear Vanessa Kelly, every time I pick up one of her books, I am reminded how much I love her writing style, her wit, her glorious prose and irresistible dialogues. THE BUCCANEER DUKE is a delectable tale, and Ms. Kelly enchants with her easy storytelling. THE BUCCANEER DUKE is charming, lovely, with unexpected plot twists, and delightful surprises; there is so much to love! Vanessa Kelly has yet again written a splendid story! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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