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  • Well worth the wait

    'There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they're falling in." When I first heard anything about Glennon Doyle outside of the "Oprah effect" was in an instagram post from Elizabeth Gilbert, and I was intrigued. What I found was even more intriguing, and I put this book on my TBR and my library list. Four months later I read it in 3 1/2 hours, posted quotes from the book and have told everyone I think might be interested to get a hold of a copy. And, it's sitting in a virtual cart in a well known company. This is a truly intimate and honest book....looking into the rise failure and discovery of so much more.Some are very uncomfortable when the apple cart gets upset, but when we begin to pick up the pieces and make the cart more equalised we become more authentic, and that's not easy. Doyle challenges accepted norms and sets up a chance for anyone to live an authentic life. I LOVED this book. Highly Recommended. 5/5 [disclaimer: this was a borrowed library book]

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    12 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    12 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    12 van de 14 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

  • A book every woman needs to read

    This is a book for every woman. It goes deep into the origins of our programming, where our “taming” began. It reveals what needs to be healed inside us and how we can step forward in living a life that is true and beautiful. I highly recommend this read.

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    3 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    3 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    3 van de 4 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

  • A welcomed reminder

    After listening to Glennon on Brene Brown's Unlocking Podcast, I immediately came home and downloaded this book. I could not put it down! Glennon's unique and incredibly relatable analogies so accurately depicted how the structures and institutioms in society impact our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and ultimately our behaviour. I am new to Glennon's work but this was one of the most thought provoking reads of my life. I can't recommend it highly enough: to those feeling lost, to those looking for some guidance or to those who think they have it all figured out. To everyone really!

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    2 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    2 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    2 van de 2 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

  • A Joyful, World-Changing Celebration of the Spirit

    This book rocked my world and has served as the catalyst for me embracing my own most beautiful, truest sense of the way the world should be -- and inspired me to be brave enough to go get it. I recommend this book to anyone seeking to reclaim their power, regardless of gender. Thank you Glennon Doyle, for your courage and your powerful words.

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    2 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    2 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    2 van de 2 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

  • Get Untamed

    I love this book-which feels like underselling it. I love when Glennon speaks, or shares silly IG posts, or does a podcast interview. I am this book? I've never quoted a book before to people, because I usually only remember the feeling of it. I can quote this book because I already know it.In an interview with Brené Brown, Glennon described this as book that doesn't fit the book model, which made me nervous-I didn't want art that needed interpreting, I wanted to FEEL. Well, I am feeling. This is a love letter to the people in Glennon's orbit, and you are part of the universe. It's a love letter to all the dusty corners of our brain that don't get attention, the corners that aren't really even corners but pictures and art we don't notice anymore but want to, and the corners we hide behind doors and under rugs so nobody can see and judge.

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    1 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    1 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    1 van de 1 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

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