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  • 4 pessoa(s) considerou(aram) este comentário útil

    4 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

    4 de 4 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    Another smashing series in the making

    Talk about an arrogant dragon. There is none more so than Baine. Poor Tayla doesn't have a chance. All these dominating males in her life and not a single choice of her own to make until of course she understands the reality of her attraction to Baine. One thing I was a little disappointed about was that I loved the mating rituals especially of the vampires in The Guardians of Eternity series but it's not as defined or elaborate in this series. There is something so romantic about the mate's mark on the skin and I wish something of the sort could have been possible for a dragon mating seeing as Baine has very distinctive tattoos. Other than that, this series looks like it's going to get a lot more interesting and as good as it's predecessor. Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review
  • 3 pessoa(s) considerou(aram) este comentário útil

    3 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

    3 de 3 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    Burned by Darkness

    Tayla has barely opened the doors on her new home when the very dragon she’s been running from tracks her down and demands she pays off her debts in this splendid paranormal romance. Baine has spent a quarter of a century tracking down his beautiful imp and he’s not about to let her go and the reader can’t help but be enthralled by this romance as Baine works to uncover her secrets before he loses her forever. The relationship is full of fireworks and emotional turmoil as Tayla refuses to be a concubine in a harem and Baine is determined to keep her while the sizzling chemistry between them burns hot enough to scorch dragon scales. Strong captivating characters demand attention while the fast paced, smooth flowing plot thrills readers with lots of suspense, excitement and romance. Adrenaline pumping excitement builds throughout the story as it quickly becomes obvious that Baine isn’t the only demon hunting Tayla including Baine’s father which adds quite a few heated clashes and - well let’s just they really ought to know better than to tick off a dragon. The intriguing events draw the reader in and the well written scenes and details capture the imagination making it easy for the reader to picture each and every scene as it happens with Levet charming readers and adding his own special touch to the story as he sets out to be Tayla’s KISA – knight in shining armor. Combine the Guardians of Eternity world with Dragons and you have one heart pounding world to enjoy and I for one am so glad that there is more to come and of course having the cute French gargoyle around to add his charm to the story just makes it perfect, so I can’t wait to read the next one.
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    0 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

    0 de 0 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    As always...

    Alexandra Ivy does it again with this new series. Her great storytelling and suspense doesn't disappoint, not to mention her passionate scenes between her characters.

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