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    A GREAT Must Read Holiday Romance!

    Christmas Surprise on MacLean Mountain: A Sweet Holiday Romance by Randi Alexander is a fantastic read. It really got me in the Christmas spirit. As the title suggests, Booker, the male lead, gets a big surprise 3 days before Christmas, and what a great surprise it is. Ms Alexander is one of my go to authors and I have enjoyed every one of her many books that I have read. One of the things I really like is her adept handling of steamy chemistry and sexual tension in her stories, so I wondered how her foray into sweet romance would be. I needn’t have, as there is absolutely nothing lacking in this romance. It is more character driven, and by such great characters. Bless Booker and his prideful heart. He expects complete, unquestionable devotion from his wife, Sybil, without realizing she expects the same, but her idea of devotion includes a strong emotional bond and open communication about their feelings. Booker thinks his simple actions should speak for themselves, while Sybil needs Booker to make a more emotional investment in their relationship and is hoping for a grander gesture. Booker was raised by parents who discouraged displays of emotion and struggles to express himself and though he is honest about that, his pride keeps him from trying harder to do so. That pride almost costs him his marriage. However, the blame doesn’t rest entirely on him, as neither of them are lacking in the area of stubbornness. Even though she has been the one to make most of the compromises in their marriage, Sybil is just as determined to be unconditionally accepted as Booker is. I really enjoyed following how these two dealt with their issues. However tight lipped Booker could be, he never came across as cold and I had no trouble relating his character. He clearly cares about people, because after firing the troublemaking Larissa, he single handedly maintains his medical practice on an isolated mountain. When the two see each other after 7 months of separation things quickly become interesting. What follows is a great love story with plenty of chemistry between characters, and a wonderful holiday tale. Being an animal lover, I truly appreciate an author with an understanding of the capacity of animals to feel and care for humans and places animals in a story as characters and not just props, as Ms. Alexander does. She usually has interesting horses in her books and this one is no exception. Starlet steals the show with her displays of excitement over Sybil’s return, and Dante proves his worth not only as a necessity to get to patients on the snow covered mountain. They both add warmth and depth to the story. This novella is just the right length to fit in between busy holiday preparations. And although the epilogue wraps up the story perfectly, I was honestly sad to finish this book and end my time with the MacLeans. All in all, I truly enjoyed Christmas Surprise on MacLean Mountain, and highly and enthusiastically recommend it. It is a must read as a holiday romance, but could be enjoyed any time of the year you’re looking for a great, clean romance. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

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