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  • 2 pessoa(s) considerou(aram) este comentário útil

    2 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

    2 de 2 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    A beautifully written book that’s worth the read

    Wow. That's the first word I can come up with after finishing up this beautifully written book. Emotional, tearful etc are other words that cross my mind as I sit here with tears in my eyes after finishing the story of Hunter, a wonderful courageous loving man, husband, father, son who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's in his 40's and the effects it just doesn't have on him but all those around him. It was beautifully written with so much emotion behind that it was impossible not to feel as though you were there sharing the emotions, then anger, the troubles, the thoughts and everything running through the minds of not only Hunter but Ethan, his partner and other members of their family. Will I get over this book?, Maybe in a few days or weeks as I think about the words that Hans has put to paper. We see the effects of the disease on Hunter through a diary which work excellently within the book. We see his emotions, his memories as they start to play tricks on him and get intertwined between old memories, current and memories that just didn't happen. Ethan also has a voice on how Hunters decline affects himself, his feelings throughout, clearing up a few of the stories Hunter told and how this will have an affect on their daughter. As I sit here with tears still in my eyes, my heart literally breaks for Hunter as he battles and tries to makes sense of his new world, his new thinking and trying to grasp simple things he now finds hard. My heart broke for Ethan as well because you could feel the emotions he had from the first diagnosis, how much he really loved Hunter and the questions he set himself to see if he would be strong enough to deal with this. I loved Amy's letter which brought fresh tears to my eyes. This book left me drained in a good way and brought a new light on what everyone goes through with such a devastating illness. Well done Hans. A fantastic book that everyone should read. Thank you for writing it. I voluntarily reviewed this book as an advanced reader copy.
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    0 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

    0 de 0 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    What an absolutely amazing book. It was written with such obvious honesty and sincerity it made me wonder if the author has had a similar experience. What a tragic disease and the repercussions were so painful for all of the family. It made me cry and made me laugh. A beautiful hearfelt tale and an honest insight into the difficulties associated with gay parents having a child. Great read.

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