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    2 de 2 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    Nell goes from strength to strength

    I was lucky to be included in the list of readers chosen to read this before it was published and can honestly say I loved it. I actually find that the more we learn about Nell then the more I like her and dare I say I might actually prefer her to Jane ? Yes I know many readers will disagree but I'm just loving this woman who is such a born survivor. Nell has accomplished so much, come so far and yet here she is embracing all that it means to be a modern woman whilst still respecting her family and their life choices. So when she's faced with their well meant meddling whilst she's heavily envolved in a new case you just know that it's going to be a story that takes the reader by surprise. The characters here are so vividly painted with quirks, strengths and foibles. Such a lot going on that the reader really does need to pay attention which honestly is no hardship and best of all Nell is starting to flex her flirting muscles! This isn't a romance though it's an amazing piece of urban fantasy and I absolutely love the connection with the land that is clearly runs throughout Nells family. A huge recommendation and I sincerely hope there will be more in this series. This voluntary take is of an advance copy and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
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    Another Win!

    As I mention in all of my reviews, I read so much that it's become increasingly difficult to find authors and series that I enjoy. Faith Hunter snagged me with her Jane Yellowrock novels, so I was excited to see a series set in the same world and with overlapping characters. This series, so far, has kept up with the precedent Hunter started with the Jane novels. The characters are just as engaging and well constructed. The storylines are beyond unique in this series. The concept of the main character working for a paranormal investigation unit allows for tons of opportunity to continue with these unique stories, with almost no boundaries except keeping the characters true to themselves, yet growing in each book, which has happened in some unexpected, but exciting, ways. Nell's journey thus far has felt very authentic and organic (see what I did, there?) while being prompted by situations that make for excellent paranormal/urban fantastic reading. I'll be anxiously awaiting any new books about Nell or Jane and I highly recommend Faith Hunter as an author to anyone looking for a new "go to" author for books like this!
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    1 de 1 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    Powerful Story and Series

    Wow! This series started quietly and emotionally as Nell Ingram fought for her sense of personhood and independence from the church cult she'd been raised and married young in. As the series continued, Nell's inner strength and ability to take calculated risks helped her to develop even more into her own person while becoming involved, as an agent, with PsyLED, a paranormal law enforcement group. In forming new relationships with non-church members and becoming more urbane, Nell began to develop paranormal abilities of her own that added value to her membership in the psyLED team. In this book, Flame in the Dark, Nell breaks all her constraints and becomes an awesome character, helping her little sister, Mud, who is a lot like her in terms of paranormal abilities, her team members and even a very powerful supernatural creature Nell reports to at work during a time of extreme crisis for the creature. The story is invigorating, powerful and full of emotional punches that make the reader feel really good inside about getting to know Nell and vicariously participate in her successes. My recommendation is to get and read this book as fast as you can, then take a moment to let Faith Hunter know how you feel about her Soulwood series
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    I couldn’t put in down. There were unexpected turns, now I’m waiting for the next one

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