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    The perfect mix of Sherlock and Doctor Who!

    I must admit that the pretty cover drew me to this book, just look at that cover! Gorgeous, right? And when I read the synopsis, I KNEW I had to read this one. I mean, Doctor Who meets Sherlock?! I’d be crazy to pass that up! To get rid of the suspense, I am super pleased to say that the pitch was not just there to reel us in, I actually saw the parallels between Doctor Who and Sherlock. First, we have Jackaby himself who is reminds me of the 10th doctor in most ways. However, he is reminiscent of Sherlock in his detective skills and quick wit. Also, while the novel is focused on mystery, fantasy elements came heavily into play (Doctor Who). It was just AWESOME to see all of the parallels. But if you don’t watch Doctor Who and/or Sherlock, why is this book for you? I’m glad you asked! First, you should know that the main character, Abigail, is just great. While you may think that Jackaby is the main protagonist in this book but contrary to the book title, our hero is none other than Abigail Rook, an adventure seeking American young woman who just landed on the shores of England. Basically, she is one of the most refreshing female protagonists I’ve read about in a while. She’s not shy to say her opinion and she will definitely work hard to make sure that everyone knows her name. The writing in Jackaby was also just brilliant. I loved the writing style and how things like murder mysteries can seem poetic in a way. While the writing and main character were phenomenal, the pacing was a little slow for me and I quickly guessed who the culprit was. Overall, I recommend Jackaby for people looking for a mystery novel with great writing and an awesome main character. I will definitely keep an eye out for more books by William Ritter in the future and I hope that Jackaby will not be his only novel!
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    0 de 0 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    Took a bit to get into

    To be honest it took nearly 15 chapters to get into this, but something held my attention. This book charmed me with its quirkiness and Sherlock like feel. By the end I was enjoying it ver much and plowed through to the ending.

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