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    Is a forced vacation a good idea?

    Everly has ventured from her childhood farm life to a high-powered executive. She’s stressed and completely frustrated by her assistant who unfortunately is the niece of her business partner. After she fires her, her business partner sticks up for his niece and forces Everly to take a month-long vacation so she can destress. The assistant books her on a luxury cruise that is leaving from Brazil quickly. With a few mishaps, Everly gets to the boat in the nick of time to leave port. Surprised to see her bare bones room on this so-called luxury cruise, she decides to go along with it until she finds that there is no internet. That fact has her at the end of her rope and demands to get off. She is assured that this is impossible as this is a trip down the Amazon to explore the rainforest. There are many mishaps in store for her on this trip. Will this turn into a disaster or a life lesson? You’ll have to read it to find out! I enjoyed this book very much!
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    a fun filled romantic Christmas read

    Everly has worked her way up in the internet real estate market, She works long hours at the company she and her college friend have started. When she hires her partners niece as her assistant it sets up the events that will be life changing. When she tries to let his niece go to assume a different position within the company her partner convinces her to take the month of December off. With visions of a tropical cruise dancing in her minds eye she allows his niece the chance to redeem herself and book her trip. After an air trip from hell complete with multiple transfers and one lay over she arrives just in time for the ship to set sale. When she is shown to her cabin she finds out not only has she been booked on an extreme adventure cruise into the rain forest she is also too late to get off. She is trapped with no Wi-Fi service and no way to get off at a port that would allow her to travel back to civilization. When Everly becomes sick from a mosquito bite the naturalist/guide Asher takes care of her. As she recovers they get to know each other and find an attraction. Asher is concerned because she is a city girl at heart. A women who fled her rural farm community as soon as she was able. He breaks her heart when it is time to return to port. Everly had planned to go home for Christmas and is eager to do so after reevaluating what is important in life. She was willing to compromise to have a relationship with Asher. When she gets home she is determined to work on reconnecting with her family and decide what her future holds. I enjoyed the trip down the amazon with all the side adventures along with descriptions of wildlife and fauna.

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