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  • 2 pessoa(s) considerou(aram) este comentário útil

    2 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

    2 de 2 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    Fun, Sweet, Sexy adventure!

    Fun, whitey, exciting, action packed and emotional romance with a twist of mystery. Extremely entertaining reading with lots of emotional ups and downs. Perfect cuddle up and read escape. Sam Cooper is a crime reporter that comes from a family of cops. He is sweet, sexy, loyal and very observant of those around him. Lexie Davis is a world traveler and web designer with wanderlust and a deep love for her grandmother that seems to be the only family member to truly understand her. She is sassy, independent, loyal and determined not to get her heart broken again. Loved every twist and turn in this truly engaging romantic adventure.
  • 1 pessoa(s) considerou(aram) este comentário útil

    1 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

    1 de 1 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    Fun, sexy story with laugh out loud parts!

    I forgot what a fun story this has such great laugh out loud moments in it mostly from the heroine's grandma....and such great swoony moments from the hero, Sam "Coop" Cooper. Sam Cooper tried to be a cop like his father and older brother but because of an old injury he wasn't successful. Instead, Coop is a crime reporter for The Daily Post in New York City. It pays the bills but he would prefer to be a successful author. When Coop is able to stop a robbery at a local jewelry story, he is rewarded with a ring of his choice, which he reluctantly takes. This ends up earning him the title of The Most Eligible Bachelor on the online blog at his New York City newspaper and brings him a lot of unwanted attention. When Lexie Davis sees the story about Coop on TV and eyes the ring he ends up with, she realizes it looks like the ring that matches the necklace that her Grandma Charlotte has. With her grandma's 80th birthday coming up, Lexie wants to see if she can buy the ring off of Coop. When Coop and Lexie first meet, sparks instantly fly. When Lexie explains that she'd like to buy the ring from him, Coop is instantly curious because that is the second person who has expressed interest in the ring. As Lexie and Coop realize that there is a past history to this ring, they both agree to investigate the ring's past. Of course this means that they must spend more time together and quickly find themselves in each other's arms. As the mystery unfolds, and romantic feelings quickly form, family secrets also come to the surface. This was a fun and entertaining ride. I really loved the character of Coop. He was sweet and caution, having been burned before but he was really drawn to Lexie. Lexie lived her life based on certain things that she always thought were correct, but found herself questioning those things as secrets were exposed. It took some changing in both of their lives, but these two finally got to their happy ending. I also just adore Lexie's Grandma Charlotte and her best friend, Sylvia...those two were a hoot! Overall, this was a fun and sexy story that I really enjoyed.
  • 1 pessoa(s) considerou(aram) este comentário útil

    1 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

    1 de 1 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    Kiss Kiss!

    Cute story!!! Coop and Lexie are two very different people with very different backgrounds, very different interests and very different goals...or are they? Coop is a writer covering the local crime beat and Lexie is a web designer/ world traveler who happens to have a connection to an old crime. So not only are they at odds about how to solve the crime and who could possibly be involved, but Coop’s previous experience with a woman who traveled the world isn’t a positive but for Lexie, travel is her life. This is in the Most Eligible Bachelor series and is a great introduction. When Coop becomes the Bachelor of the Moment, his life is changed. Little did he imagine it would change the way it did. And Lexie never dreamed she would want to put down roots until Coop entered her life and changed everything. Enjoyable read, funny characters (the old women are a hoot) and a little mystery to go with it…
  • 0 pessoa(s) considerou(aram) este comentário útil

    0 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

    0 de 0 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    Fun Read!

    Sam Cooper is a crime reporter and hopeful mystery writer and has become the next newest victim of the Bachelor Blog. Lexie is a web designer interested in purchasing the ring Sam was given for her grandmother. Lexie’s Grandmother and her friends are up to something and I love their antics. Soon it is discovered that the ring is stolen property. The twists in this story made it a fun book to read.

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