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    What a delightful, refreshingly genuine, and endearing story! Last night I was just going to start the book and finish it today, but I was so engaged in the twists of the plot and the destinies of the characters I could not put it down until I reached the very satisfying ending of the tale. The story is well balanced and the plot is built cleverly. It has the perfect portion of drama and trouble, joy and sweetness, faith in God and growth as a character. All the elements are well embedded into the romance, suspense, and the everyday life at the frontier, engaging the mind of the reader, and welcoming to join the scenes. John Wallin is such a good, lovable man. He is humble, kind, helpful, generous, protective, great with kids, adults, and pets. His doubts of his own worth and input to the society showed his unpretentious nature and made me love and appreciate him even more. He is both alpha and beta, and the perfect mate to Dottie Tyrrell. I loved his relationship with the Lord. John's faith is a natural part of him, and his conversations in prayer with God are artless and sincere. Dottie's life is currently driven by the motivation to keep her son safe, and herself away from her baby's father. The fear, shame, worrying and suppressing her life, emotions, and future goals and needs are all temporary. Underneath it all is a kindhearted, capable, and lonely woman, wishing for a connection and circle of friends, even family, to belong to. The connection between John and Dottie is adorable and tangible. The danger intensifying around them increase the depth of the emotions growing between them, yet the feelings are true and real and hold the test of the drama and trouble surrounding Dottie's past. A charming, genuine, earnest tale that captivated my mind and won over my heart. ~ Four Spoon with a teaspoon on the side

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